👧🧒 Children’s Mental Health Week 🧒👧

The phrase ‘children are so resilient’ is often banded around, but if we think about it, that simply isn’t true.
We know that stress can often seem inescapable and be hugely detrimental not only to academic attainment but also to all round physical and mental health and wellbeing. Yet it is a reality for young people today. We could argue that being resilient isn’t necessarily innate but is something we must all support children in striving for.
The theme of Children’s Mental Health Week aims to show that while we cannot always change children’s circumstances, we can teach them the skills to cope with the difficulties life throws at them.
In order to support children we need to learn ourselves as adults how to. That’s why our conference this year is so vital in the preventative work of young people.
Join us on Friday 1st March to explore the theme of ‘our young people: intervention & early intervention for improved outcomes’.
Join workshop leader Sarah Kessling, in learning how to build resilient futures and prevent self harm in young people. This is a fantastic workshop by a highly experienced and interactive workshop leader, a session not to miss.
There are many more workshops available and skills you can walk away with, as well as CPD accreditation.
The next time you hear the phrase ‘children are so resilient’ perhaps being curious in asking about what support that child receives in helping them to be more resilient or if it’s just an expectation adding extra pressure?

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