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Harmless Director has made the short list for mum of the year

Harmless founder, Caroline, has made it to the Tesco’s mum of the year short list. From 2000 nominations she has been selected by a judging panel to be in their final 14, 7 of whom will receive and award in recognition for her achievements. After overcoming her own mental health difficulties she helped to set up Harmless in order to help other people facing similar problems. Caroline is now a psychotherapist and manages the Harmless service full time, but her number 1 job is looking after her 1 year old son, Noah. Caroline is delighted to have made the short list of the awards and will hear over the next few weeks whether she is a winner!

Harmless awaits announcement of Tesco Mum of the Year

Everyone at Harmless are eagerly awaiting the Tesco mum of the year award finalists announcement. Earlier this autumn Harmless’ Director was nominated and short listed for the award following her own triumph over self harm and mental health problems in order to train as a psychotherapist and set up the award winning self harm service. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Vote for us at John Lewis, Nottingham

Harmless are in the running to receive some financial support from the John Lewis store in Nottingham. For the next couple of weeks you can vote for Harmless which is one of the three projects in the running for a share in £3000. If you shop there or at the cafe you will be given a token that you can then use to vote with. Please get behind us- we really need your help and the money will help save lives.

Self harm training dates for 2013

New dates announced for self harm training to be held in Nottingham.

The first date in 2013 is to be held in January. To book your place click here

The training will develop your understanding of self harm and enhance skills for working with a diverse range of people that self harm.

The training is run by a CPD accredited trainer. For enquiries email us

Requests for support with self harm up 600%

Recently, requests to Harmless for email support for self harm has risen by approximately 600%. Every day people are writing to us from all over the UK asking for our advice and support and every day we are able to work with them to start tackling this problem. Unfortunately this service has no funding and relies upon volunteer time and donations to be able to operate and yet over the last two months we are seeing a dip in donations and sales. If you can help us at all, please do. Why not have a look around our shop and see if there is anything that might be helpful, or to make a donation! Thank you

Call for parents of young people that self harm

Harmless are looking for parents of people that self harm who are willing to speak to a researcher about their experiences and needs. The research is a collaborative project with Oxford University to try and develop a better understanding of how this effects parents and what support and help they need. Any findings will be used to guide future service development for parents and carers of those that self harm. Please email us if you are interested by clicking here

More successful self harm training delivered today

Harmless delivered more successful self harm training to a group of young people mental health staff. The training combined personal and professional perspectives on self harm, allowing the professionals to develop skills and confidence for working with young people in distress. Hopefully the training has equipped them with better awareness and given them the opportunity to meet with people who have overcome their difficulties.