Suicide Prevention Keep Calm and Stay Alive t-shirts on sale

Tonight we have started to sell our first batch of t- shirts for the Tomorrow Project. There are two different designs: Keep calm and stay alive, and preventing suicide one life at a time. The t shirts are selling well already and may feature for sale on our shop if there is enough interest. At £8 each, they’re giving a clear message.




Self harm support organisation shortlisted as ASDA good cause

We are very happy to announce that Harmless has been shortlisted as one of ASDA’s ‘chosen by you…. given by us’ good causes. 

During July and August, every customer that goes through an ASDA checkout in West Bridgford will be given a green token. This token can then be used to vote for Harmless by dropping it in our corresponding column.

After the closing date, all the tokens are counted and the winning cause will receive £200 to help support their project.

So please support our vital services by using your green chip to vote for Harmless! Thank you.

Has psychiatric input been an unhelpful experience for your self harm?

Every day harmless works with people that self harm to face and overcome their difficulties. Every day we also hear countless stories of how psychiatry and psychiatrists, or a traditional mental health approach have at best been an unhelpful experience for people, and at worse, have actually contributed to worsening self harm and distress. If you are one of those people, we would love to hear from you. We are hoping to work with the press in raising awareness of what helps and doesn’t help people that self harm- if you have a story to tell, please email us

We look forward to hearing from you.