Have you recently found out someone you know is self harming and don’t know what to do?

Have you recently found out someone you know is self harming and don’t know what to do? Then Harmless can help.

Our services are not just for people who self harm. The Harmless team frequently sees friends, family and professionals of those who self harm asking for advice.

Anyone who has been touched by self harm can contact us…. so if you have a friend or family member who you think may self harm, or work with someone who self harms and you are not sure what to do; then please get in touch and we can support you to find support for someone else.

Discussions in parliament about self harm and suicide prevention

Yesterday, two members of Harmless management team attended the All Party Parliamentary Group for suicide and self harm to promote our work in the field. On the day, there were discussions about how to work with preventing further clusters of suicide in the UK. We know that people aged 15-34 are far more susceptible to cluster behaviour with both self harm and suicide and we hope that Harmless’ self harm work, and The Tomorrow Projects suicide prevention work will enable us to continue our excellent work in the sector.

Our Director, Caroline, was able to speak to the group about our work in Nottinghamshire and suggest some ways forward for the future. We hope that this will be the start to increased awareness about our work on a National level and open up opportunities for great National collaborations. Ultimately we want to improve our work and increase the amount of help we can offer to people who self harm or who might be at risk of suicide.

Therapeutic work carried out in schools around self harm and suicide

Each week Harmless and The Tomorrow Project are fortunate enough to have a presence in a school environment where therapeutic work is being carried out with young people around self harm and suicide. This is a new and exciting part of the project that means we can now reach an even wider population. Initially funded for 12 weeks we are hoping that the project will be successful enough to have a more permanent base in the school. The more young people we can reach and support about self harm and suicide – the better!

Harmless Director to Speak at Self Harm and Suicide Conference

Harmless Director, Caroline Harroe has been invited to speak at The University of Nottingham as part of their January Conference:

The Challenges of Tackling Self-Harm and Suicide in School Age Children and Young People

This conference will offer a collaborative opportunity for participants to share knowledge about the challenges that face all of us when encountering suicide and suicidality in children and young people. The conference will be of value to health professionals, teachers, counsellors and colleagues working with looked after children.

School Age and Suicide Conference. 24.11.2014

Partnership working in self harm

Today members of the Harmless team had two very important and interesting meetings with partner organisations to explore furthering our work in the field of self harm and suicide prevention.

Nottingham County FC are exploring how we can collaborate on a joint emotional health project to improve the well being of young people in the city. We believe that a shared approach, combining emotional health and physical activity could prove an important endeavour in reducing self harm and suicide and reach young people in an accessible manner.

Further to that meeting, the team presented to Mike Cooke, Chief Executive and Simon Smith, Director of local services at Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust about The Tomorrow Project. They were both interested to hear about the successful approach that has been implemented to reduce suicide and self harm across Nottingham City and County. We will be looking to the future about furthering and improving our long relationship with the healthcare trust for the improved care and safety of the people of all ages that we help, who self harm and/or are at risk of suicide.

All in all it has been a great day for the potential of partnership working and the future of Harmless and The Tomorrow Project.

Are you wanting to access our self harm services but feel afraid to do so?

Are you wanting to access our self harm support services but feel afraid to do so? Ask a friend to call on your behalf, they can speak to one of our trained team members and feedback to you. They can come with you until you feel safe. If you’re worried about anyone close to you finding out; our self harm services are confidential and we can explain what that means. Drop us a text, email or just pop in, any way that suits you, you are not alone in this and we can help… details can be found on our website www.harmless.org.uk


Self Harm in the news as hospitals fail to provide adequate care

It has been reported that many hospitals in England are failing to provide adequate care for people who have self harmed despite a drive to improve services through national guidelines and policy initiatives. Researchers suggest that more than two-thirds of self harm patients who attended hospital did not get a specialist psychological assessments as in line with national guidance. Although some hospitals performed better, most appeared to be lacking in their duty of care to people who self harm with no signs of change in the number of assessments when compared to a decade ago.

Harmless are saddened to hear that people who self harm are, more often than not, left without the right support and care when they need it the most. It highlights the importance that Harmless continues to grow and maintains its influence as leading voice in the field of self harm as we look to for positive changes.

Please let us know your thoughts on this topic.

You can read the full story here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25003063

Harmless bid to become a centre of excellence in the field of self harm

Harmless’ work in the field of self harm has been gaining
momentum over the past few years. We have worked hard to increase
our range of self harm products and services, including recently
moving into larger premises to improve access to our range of self
harm training opportunities. Harmless are also working far more
closely with researchers across the UK to ensure that our evidence
in self harm work is explored and communicated fully. We have
launched new initiatives such as The Tomorrow
where our specialist experience has been applied
to specialist work in suicide prevention. We need your help to
continue our work: spread the word, get involved, donate. Help us
to make Harmless the UK’s centre of excellence for work with people
that self harm.

Recruiting young people who have experienced the caresystem to advise on a self harm research project

Harmless are looking to recruit 6 young people to give us their views on self harm and advise a research committee at Nottingham University on the
issues that are relevant to them. In order to take part, the young
person will need to be 18 years old or younger and have had first-hand
experience self harm. some of the young people involved should have experience of the care system and self harm.
Participants must be able to
commit to 7 meetings over the course of a year. Those taking part
will receive expenses and vouchers for their help.

We need to form the advisory group very quickly and the first meeting will be in December.

If you would like to take part in this project or know any young people
who might be interested in taking part, please contact
caroline@harmless.org.uk for more information.

Harmless shortlisted for ‘The Breakthrough Positive Practice Awards in Mental Health 2013’ for our work in the field of self harm

Harmless has been nominated and shortlisted for ‘The Breakthrough Positive Practice Awards in Mental Health 2013.’ Representatives of Harmless, who are nominated in the category of ‘Innovative Service Award’ in recognition of the support we provide to those that self harm,  will attend the awards celebration on Thursday 5th December in Sheffield.

Our team are very proud to be nominated for an award like this, especially given it is an award for ‘innovative services.’ This award is for a project or service that can demonstrate innovation in the development and operation of a service supporting people with mental health problems, either in-patient or community based.

We work extremely hard to establish ourselves in the field of self harm and change the lives of the people we support now and in the future. This award is about identifying and disseminating positive practice and highlights the vital and important work we do around self harm on a national level.

We will let you know how we get on at the awards on December 5th.