Harmless will feature in the media today following the recording of BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ that will be looking at the increase in referrals in self harm.

Harmless will feature in the media today following the recording of BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ that will be looking at the pressures on young people and increases in referrals in self harm.

Whilst we haven’t seen the programme ourselves,  we will be watching BBC One (East Midlands) at 7.30pm tonight (Monday 19th January) with much interest.

In addition to tonight’s programme, we have also appeared on BBC Local radio to challenge stigma around self harm and to talk about increases in referrals in to our service.

Did you hear us on radio or watch the programme? We are interested to know your thoughts, so please get in touch.

Remember, if you would like help or support around self harm for yourself or someone you know please contact Harmless by emailing info@harmless.org.uk

Fundraising for Suicide Prevention Services – Please Help Hollie reach her fundraising target of £250.

In May 2015, Hollie will be will be running the Lichfield Half Marathon, on Sunday 3rd May 2015 to raise money for the Tomorrow Project, East Leake.

The Tomorrow project was set up in response to a local community in East Leake and needs great fundraising efforts like this one to continue delivering vital support and suicide prevention services as it currently receives no statutory funding.

You can help Hollie by making a donation via local giving here: http://m.localgiving.com/fundraising/hollielouisesmith

The Tomorrow Project thanks you for your continued support. www.tomorrowproject.org.uk

Helping people that self harm.. What can you do?

Many people do things that they know are harmful to themselves to help them to cope with difficult emotions or experiences. This might be eating or drinking too much or taking drugs. Sometimes people intentionally harm themselves for the same reasons.

If someone trusts you enough to confide in you about their self-harm, you can start to help them immediately. First, honour their trust in you by showing them kindness, love and compassion. Second, help them get the support they need by asking their permission to contact Harmless on their behalf. Reassure the person that you’ll come with them, even if they’re over 18.

You can make a referral by emailing info@harmless.org.uk or by contacting us on 0115 9348445 and leaving a message (admin line only).

Please note: The Harmless team return to the office on Monday 5th January. We will reply at the earliest opportunity.

Happy New Year to everyone, whoever you are and wherever you are.

Happy New Year to everyone, whoever you are and wherever you are. As we said yesterday we understand that the New Year is a difficult time of year for many. It can mark a passing of time and when people feel hopeless about the future, this can exacerbate feelings of hopelessness and desperation. Harmless and The Tomorrow Project work with people that self harm and those that are at risk of suicide. Over 2015 we promise to keep working hard to keep people safe and help them to feel as though, no matter how bad things are, there is always someone there for them – someone who can help and support.

We are facing a difficult time over the coming months. Our funding is in a difficult state. At a time when our work and reputation precede us and when the need for our work reaches new heights we will face some challenges. However, we absolutely promise you that we will work so hard over 2015 to ensure that  we have the funding to keep our services growing – to keep meeting the needs of people in distress.

So as we enter 2015, we ask you to support us. We know that we will face challenges, as each of us will, but as a service we are also hopeful that we will work around the clock to make this a successful year. No matter how hard things get, we will be here for you and will find a way to help everyone who asks us for it.

Happy New Year Everyone and thank you for all your support over the last year. We hope we can all make you proud in 2014.