2016 Annual Celebration Event

Friday 7th saw our 9th anniversary of Harmless. The night was buzzing with excitement and the venue was a remarkable space for us to celebrate our work.

My role that evening was to guide everyone through the night. I felt very privileged to do so and very nervous to be hosting such a significant Harmless event. My colleagues, as always, were incredibly supportive and as a team we worked together to ensure the night was a memorable one. We were very fortunate this year to have in attendance the High Sheriff, Judy Naake, and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham both of whom have been big supporters of the work we do. 

There was a delicious three course meal and as we ate we were all serenaded by Polly and her colleague Iian with their wonderful music. A poignant part of the night was when Kate shared with us her personal experience of self harm. It is one thing to speak to one individual about something personal and quite another to speak to a whole room full of people. Kate’s bravery was felt by all of us that night and certainly demonstrated the significance of our service.

The night continued to be a great success with Hayley providing us with some Spoken word poetry, inspiring the poet in us all! Each year so much work and dedication goes into organising the event and ensuring our supporters enjoy themselves. We at Harmless are our supporters’ biggest fans, as without their support we would not have got to where we have today. A big thank you goes to Kate, Hayley and Polly for their time and contributions in making the night even more special.

Our annual event is an important night. It not only raises vital funds to save lives but it also provides us with an opportunity to stop and celebrate the successes throughout the year. Harmless is an extraordinary service and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Next year we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary. We hope to see familiar faces again and if you haven’t attended before then we invite you and those you know to join us for a wonderful night next year!

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