Self Care – Looking after our own wellbeing

 ‘Self care includes any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health’

Looking after ourselves can sometimes be a challenge, due to work pressures, family life, day to day stresses and so on, however self care is an important part of our lives.

Within Harmless, self care is something we encourage on a day to day basis, to delegates that attend our training, to clients and also to each other within the team.

Self care may seem self-indulgent, however if we don’t look after our own wellbeing, we will be much less effective in our support of others.

Finding that time, whether it be 5 minutes or a whole evening can prove a challenge to many people, however there are multiple benefits to us as well as the people we work with, our family members and our friends.

The benefits of regular self care;

  • Reduces our stress levels and makes us more tolerant to adversities
  • Increases positive thinking
  • Makes us more effective in our support to others in distress
  • Looks after our physical health
  • Helps productivity and helps us to feel more engaged

Self care tends to mean different things to different people, as we all get enjoyment out of different things, but some self care activities include;

  • Going for a walk
  • Cooking a nice meal
  • Art
  • Colouring
  • Physical activity
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Communicating when you’re struggling
  • Taking up new hobbies
  • Watch your favourite TV show or film
  • Have a sing along and dance to music
  • Meditation
  • Read a book
  • Watching your favourite sport

So go on, don’t be ashamed, give yourself that little bit of love and attention that you each deserve. Have some time just for you! 

Could you support us to keep our services afloat?

The support services that we offer to people in crisis is a vital aspect of our work and yet we don’t have ongoing funding for much of this work.

Much of our crisis and therapeutic work is in need of supporters and fundraisers to enable us to keep helping people who can’t get this help from anywhere else.

Currently, regular donations enable us to provide 2 crisis sessions a month to people who would otherwise not get the help that they need. This isn’t a lot, but it really is important work. We have many people who aren’t able to receive our help and we hate having to turn people away.

There are many ways that you could help us to increase the number of people that we are able to help. Could you undertake your own fund raising activity – people have undertaken personal challenges, ran half marathons and held cake sales, all in the name of raising money for our work?

You can set up a fundraiser page here:

If you are not able to undertake a fundraiser; could you sign up to a regular donation via direct debit? Signing up to an amount that you are able to commit to on a monthly basis means that an amount as small or large as you are able to help with, will go directly to helping people.  By giving in this way you are helping us to save lives – what could be more rewarding?

You can sign up here:

‘when I needed help, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I called a helpline but they just listened. I had totally given up on my life and wanted to die. When I found the help I needed through these guys I can honestly say that they saved my life when I saw no other way out’

If you would like to talk to us about how you can help, please contact us at

Harmless’ Training Reach

You may have seen recently our blog about the importance of training, which provided key comments from Professor Keith Hawton, taken from his recent attendance at the conference: Responding effectively to self harm and suicidality.

In light of this informative blog, we felt it important to explore this further in terms of the reach Harmless training has had and the benefits this will have on those in distress.

Since 2013, Harmless has delivered training to around 3,100 delegates. This averages out to nearly 100 people each month that receive vital training from us.

So, let’s think about the reach our training has had.

  • We recently completed a survey for the Wellness in Mind Training programme, in line with the Adult Mental Health Strategy, that we have been commissioned to deliver by Nottingham City Council and CCG.
  • Mental health training was delivered to those that live or work in Nottingham City. So those that had reach in the city.
  • During the contract period, we delivered training to 374 delegates
  • Out of this, 327 of these were professionals, with the remainder being carers or accessing the Community Workshop.

Within this survey, we wanted to be able to assess the reach, as this is the significant point to any of our training.

We identified that 327 professionals averaged 40 people per week with whom they have professional contact, which includes managerial responsibilities to employees.

From these delegates, we then questioned the number of delegates that had utilised the skills or knowledge they had gained from our training and applied it to individuals they support or work with and from this we identified the average reach of 50%, which averages at around 20 individuals per week.

This provided us with a weekly total reach of 6540 in Nottingham City alone.

We have completed the same process for our bespoke general self harm, suicide awareness and prevention and mental health training, and found we received similar responses in terms of reach.

So based on the fact we have delivered training to around 3,100 delegates in the last 2 and a half years alone, and with the information provided, we have calculated the approximate reach of our training to be around 62,000 individuals in distress, nationwide. This is a phenomenal amount of people our training has reached, and we know this will only increase the more training we deliver

The benefits to this, means that we have been able to equip frontline workers, managers, carers, volunteers etc. to support these individuals. By raising awareness, providing strategies and brief interventions to these groups, we know we would have made a difference to those in distress.

Harmless offer a tiered approach to training to ensure we meet organisational and delegates needs, ranging from introductory through to specialist level of training.

Our training will encourage you to explore awareness and develop an understanding of the key issues faced by people in distress. We will also explore the impact that we, as service providers, can potentially have upon the health, wellbeing and recovery of those in distress.

At the heart of our service is a real sense of hope. People can and do recover from the most distressing of feelings. This key message is reiterated throughout our training and also through our trainers lived experience of their own personal journeys. This key point really brings home to delegates, that with a little bit of hope, the right support, and training, we can really make a difference and reach out to those that need us the most.

If you would like any further information on any of our training or would like a personalised quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:


Phone: 0115 934 8445

Come on down to the Three Horseshoes and the Nags Head in East Leake this Saturday to support the Tomorrow Project!

The Three Horseshoes and the Nags head in East Leake will be holding fundraisers for the Tomorrow Project this Saturday, 27th August.

Throughout the afternoon from 2pm the Three Horseshoes will be holding a family fun day in their car park, with lots of exciting games and fun for all of the family, including a Bouncy castle slide, carousel, hook-a-duck, traditional candy floss, ice cream, games, face painting, BBQ, live entertainment and much more!

On Saturday evening, The Nag’s Head will also be holding a fundraising event for the Tomorrow Project, bringing the community together for a great cause.

Why not head on down to show your support and help save lives!

If you would like some more information about the Tomorrow Project and what we do, or would like to know more about how you can support us, feel free to contact us at

Join us for an evening of celebration… get your tickets now!

Join us for an evening of celebration…


 Click here to book your tickets!

The Venue:        Park Plaza Hotel, 41 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham

The Date:           Friday 7th October 2015

The Time(s):      7:00pm arrival

The Cost:           £37.00 per head (Or a table of 10 for £34 per head)

The Event:         Three course meal with raffle, auction, games and live entertainment

Dress Code:     Smart

The purpose:    To raise enough money to save more lives.


Harmless is an award winning self harm and suicide prevention project that has been successfully delivering services since 2007. Over the past year Harmless has gone from strength to strength. We’ve increased our partnerships and been involved in more research based projects, attended and presented at conferences all over the UK in addition to holding a National conference of our own. We have also rebranded and extended our training programme to raise awareness of self harm, mental health & suicide amongst the community and professionals. We have received awards for our work and recruited more staff in order to help more people.

Our wonderful Tomorrow Project continues to deliver suicide prevention and postvention work in the community. We work with those directly and indirectly affected by suicide, provide facilitative support to individuals and organisations with questions and concerns about suicide, deliver workshop style information sessions to improve understanding and awareness of suicide and self harm, and promote help seeking in the community as a whole.

The celebration evening will mark a milestone in our work and give us the opportunity to raise revenue to keep our vital services afloat. Each year we spend time with friends and colleagues, celebrating the work that we have done and the lives that we have saved and the money we raise on the night goes directly back into our life saving services.

Please come along and join is in what will be a wonderful night, learn more about our work, celebrate our triumphs and help us to raise money to keep us driving services in the field of self harm and suicide prevention forwards.

If you would like more information on the event, or would like to book tickets, you can do by clicking here to visit our website, or by contacting us on:


Phone: 0115 934 8445


New Suicide prevention & Bereavement pathways launch event: 12th September 2016

We are inviting you all to a very special FREE event on the 12th September at the University of Nottingham. 

The Tomorrow Project has secured funding from the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network to launch two new pathways:

  • A primary care suicide crisis pathway
  • A suicide bereavement service

We will be hosting a range of suicide prevention workshops and provide exciting opportunities for networking.

If you would like to join us for such a special occasion then please book using the following link:

In the News: Mental health is the largest single course of ill health in UK.

Statistics suggest that one in four people in the UK will suffer with a mental health problem, which is the largest single course of ill health. Yet around three quarters of these people will receive no treatment at all. Ten per cent of children and young adults have a mental health problem and yet seventy per cent will receive no treatment.

GP’s are seeing more patients coming in with anxiety and low mood symptoms. Yet they are experiences difficulty accessing ongoing mental health support for their patients, suggesting that it may take a crisis for a person to be seen acutely by the mental health team.

One GP explains how they have been allocated a CPN who is able to see patients on the milder ends of the anxiety and depression spectrum, but has some concerns because this is a 12 month pilot.

They would like to see a CPN and social worker at every practice, which would allow them to link in with Mental health teams easier.

If you would like help and support please contact us on


For the full story follow the link:

Write Minds needs your help!

Write Minds needs your help to keep their services running. They work with individuals with experience of self harm, suicide and similar mental health difficulties; promoting self-expression through creative writing and the arts. In order for them to continue their important work, they need to raise vital funds.

If you would like to donate to Write Minds, you can do so by visiting their Crowdfunder page at this link:

If you would like more information on how you can support Write Minds, please contact

Harmless have contract extended to deliver free Mental Health training across Nottingham City

Harmless are extremely pleased to announce that the contract has been extended to deliver a second year of the Wellness in Mind Training programme by Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City CCG.

These workshops are set alongside the five strategic priorities from the Nottingham City Adult Mental Health Strategy

We will be running the following popular, Mental Health workshops;

  • Community Workshops
  • Frontline Workers
  • MHFALite
  • Training for Managers

About each workshop;

Community Workshop

The purpose of these workshops will focus on how to promote resilience and wellbeing in the community through building of awareness and resilience amongst citizens and carers

Frontline Workers

This workshop will focus on improving skills and confidence to recognise people with mental health problems and offer appropriate support


Is an introductory mental health awareness course. Delegates will receive an MHFALite manual that they can take away with them at the end of the session and also an attendance certificate from MHFA England

Managers Training

This course will examine how practical support can be provided to create an environment that is healthy for staff and promote interventions to raise awareness.

The course will show Managers what they can do to support other staff and colleagues who may be experiencing problems with their mental health

Certificates of attendance will be provided upon completion of a 3 month follow up survey

We are busy planning in all the dates and look forward to sharing these with you very soon. However, should you want to register your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:


Telephone: 0115 934 8445

Working as part of the Let’s Talk Training Team for Harmless

You may have seen recently that we’re recruiting here at Harmless, for Sessional Trainers. As the Training Co-ordinator for Harmless, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you what it is like to be a part of this growing team.

Firstly, no working week is ever the same as the previous. Each week brings something new and exciting, new challenges and new achievements.

The Training Team get to travel all around the country, delivering bespoke or standardised training packages, attending conferences and events, going to meetings and so on. We mean it when we say all round the country. One day we could be in Dover, the next in Newcastle, another day we could be in Somerset and another Manchester. My favourite place to go has to be London.

The best bit about the travelling to all these exciting and beautiful places, is we get to meet and support so many people. To build or enhance skills, and also instil confidence in them in their professional and personal lives, by providing training around some very sensitive issues. We also get to meet many professionals in the field as well.

On a day to day basis, we spend our time supporting organisations and services with their training needs. We review all our content to ensure it is up to date with new and emerging research, check that it is in line with current standards and guidelines and importantly, that it has service user led strategies to support distress. We get to design new resources and activities, make films to use within training, project manage training contracts. The list goes on.

As well as going nationally, we also plan and run a range of training packages in house, that includes our own bespoke CPD accredited self harm training, mental health and suicide awareness and prevention training, ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and MHFA (Mental Health First Aid). We also run a lot of PSHE sessions within schools, looking at emotional wellbeing and resilience for young people, as well as providing workshops for staff and parents.

Finally, I get to work with the rest of the team to organise fundraising events (don’t forget to join us on 7th October 2016 for this year’s event), we organise our annual conference – ‘From Harm to Hope’ (1st March 2017 – make sure you join us for that too!). I get to attend radio interviews, speak at events to lots of people at a time, we attend award ceremonies! I’ve even been on the TV with the rest of the team too!

So, all in all, it’s a team that keeps you busy! But it’s also an exciting and rewarding team to be a part of.

If you would like any information on the training we provide, our event or conference, please contact us on