New suicide prevention services launched today at special event held in Nottingham 

Today has been a tremendously wonderful day for The Tomorrow Project. 
Since 2012 we have been working super hard, often against the odds and adversity, and around the clock. 
Today we held a launch event at the University of Nottingham to celebrate the opening of two new world class pathways for people effected by suicide. 
We will now be delivering a city wide primary care crisis pathway and an automated referral pathway for those bereaved by suicide. When the tragedy of suicide hits a family, the police will notify us as the same time as the coroner. 
We have a long way to go but this is the start of a really exciting piece of work- where we can tackle the issue of suicide head on, and where people don’t have the be alone with this anymore. 
If you’d like to know more about our work or support us to save more lives, why not come along to our dinner event held on the 7th of October.

1 in 5 young people have seriously contemplated suicide: give this a listen

One in five

today one in five

wondered if being alive

was worth the cost

of another day

wondering if 2 in 10

wondered when

there was finally going to be

a 911 for mental health
4 in 20 wondered if the wealth spent on the self decided salaries of politicians

who claim the children are our future

could pay for it
maybe 1 of the 8

of the 8 in 40

quit wondering

and started making plans
maybe 3 of the 16

of the 16 in 80

feel like unrecycled cans

that are just easier to throw away
Maybe one fifth of 160

is easier to say than 32

because 32 is starting to sound like a lot
a toll free number is not enough

give us a number

everyone knows by heart

so the next time we see someone’s world falling apart

we can do more than just stand there
because the scars we can’t see

require different care than the ones left there by crime or by accident

sometimes there’s no hint

to tell you where it hurts

it just hurts
sometimes our minds are red alerts

you can’t see

even when you look us in the eye

sometimes we cry for what others would consider no reason

sometimes the treason we commit

is against ourselves
it’s hard enough

trying to find who we are

amid the overcrowded shelves of pills

meant to manage how we function
sometimes the junction box is broken

and we miss the connections

that others seem to make with ease

if you threw away the 1

of the 1 in 5 keys

that could open the door

to the room the world forgot we were locked in
if kindness makes us friends

let compassion make us kin

don’t let us get lost in the numbers again
illness is illness
sometimes the cost to heal it

is an ear willing to listen

sometimes a shoulder

volunteering to be a crutch
people are not a price to be weighed against your budget
1 in 5

is 2 much.

Let’s save lives: World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is international World Suicide Prevention Day. 
In 2014, 4882 individuals died by suicide in the UK, 76% of those were men. 
Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK. 
Whilst the rates in men are the highest, the suicide rate is growing at its fastest rate in young females. Under 20s have the lowest suicide rate of any age group, though it still translates into 182 lives lost in England in 2015, 182 devastated families and deaths in 15-19 year olds rose in 2015 for its third successive year. 
Feeling suicidal is actually fairly common, with 1 in 20 of us contemplating suicide, and with ten times more suicide attempts that there are deaths. That’s almost 50,000 suicide attempts annually. 
We work hard to save lives from suicide and there is a lot of work left to do so that no one faces such a dreadful decision.
We are launching two new pathways on Monday that means that we will be more able to be there in a crisis, and secondly, that when a tragedy has occurred and someone has died by suicide, we will, as of next week, be automatically notified by the police. This means that families will automatically referred to is for support so that they do not need to face this trauma alone. 
You may have seen the #itsoktotalk campaign which ourselves along with the National Suicide Prevention Alliance are involved in. And it is ok to talk, in fact it’s vital to. Talking saves lives. 
Please support our work. You can do this by sharing this status and showing your support of World Suicide Prevention Day. Or if you’d like to get more involved, please get in touch on
If you’d like to be a life saver, you can donate to our project here:
£25 provides a crisis session to someone thinking of ending their life. Can you help us to get to them?


The Tomorrow Project on BBC Radio Nottingham this morning!

It’s a very exciting time for us all here at Harmless and The Tomorrow Project, with the launch of 2 new pathways in suicide crisis and suicide bereavement, a fully booked mini-conference event and our annual celebration event coming up, It’s all hands on deck here!

BBC Radio Nottingham has kindly extended an invitation for us to appear on the Mark Dennison Show at 10am this morning morning!

One of our clients will be joined by Harmless Project Worker Colin Menz to talk about their experience with accessing our service and how it has helped to support them with difficulties they’ve faced surrounding mental health and their personal journey towards recovery, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Colin will also be discussing The Tomorrow Project and all of the new things that we have lined up, including our pathway launch on September 12th, our big annual celebration event on October 7th and our annual conference on March 1st 2017.

There are a lot of exciting things coming up in the calendar, so make sure that you tune in today at 10am to the Mark Dennison show on BBC Radio Nottingham 103.8FM and 95.5FM to hear important first hand experience of our services and keep up to date with what’s new and upcoming events!

Upcoming self harm training in Leicester

Harmless self harm awareness and prevention training is coming to Leicester.

We are pleased to announce  that we will be delivering our intermediate self harm training day on 24th October 2016, at LCB Depot in Leicester City Centre

Self harm training  – Intermediate

LCB Depot 31 Rutland Street Leicester LE1 1RE

£80 per delegate

Monday 24th October

What do our training days provide?

Our general training days provide an opportunity for individuals from a broad range of professional arenas to attend and get a detailed overview of self harm and working with self harm.

Our training days cover:

  • What self harm is, and who it effects
  • What causes someone to self harm and some of the myths around self harm
  • What can be done to support and help people who self harm
  • Managing the impact of self harm as an individual and a workplace
  • Useful interventions for working with people who self harm and promoting empowerment
  • Managing and assessing risk

The training is CPD certified and is delivered over the course of a day and will use a range of delivery methods. Price includes a resource/training pack for all participants.

To book a place either go onto our shop and secure your place there

or call us on 0115 934 8445 and ask for Sophie Allen (Training Co-ordinator)

or you can send an email to


Could you write a blog for us?

Harmless would like to invite you to contribute to our blog. Our blog is important to us because it helps us convey a range of issues around self harm and suicide to the public. It helps us reach people in distress and promote better understanding about these issues amongst our readers.

It helps us tell you about our work, upcoming events, dispel myths and offer advice. But we also want it to challenge stigma and to offer real stories about self harm and recovery so that people reading this can feel connected to what we do and who we help.

If you would like to write a blog for us about your experiences, then you can submit this to with the title ‘blog post’. In your email, please tell us what name you would like us to use for you. You can say as little about your identity as you want.

The blog should be about 200 -300 words in length and shouldn’t be graphic in any way, but should offer the reader an insight into your experiences that mighty help them relate to self harm, distress, or suicide. The blog could be about what you’ve felt or experienced, what’s helped, or not helped… What needs to change, or what he stigma around these issues has been for you.

It is vital to harmless that we represent your voice and your experiences, so if you feel you can contribute to this blog, please do.

We look forward to hearing from you.

FREE Mental Health Workshops for those that work in Nottingham City

Harmless are pleased to announce new dates for the Wellness in Mind training programme commissioned by Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City CCG

We will be offering for the following dates for the different workshops;

Frontline Workers 

Monday 3rd October

1:00pm – 4:30pm

This workshop will focus on improving skills and confidence to recognise people with mental health problems and offer appropriate support

Managers Training

Friday 11th November

9:30am – 1:00pm

This course will examine how practical support can be provided to create an environment that is healthy for staff and promote interventions to raise awareness


Monday 12th December

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Mental Health First Aid Lite is an introductory mental health awareness course. Delegates will receive an MHFALite manual that they can take away with them at the end of the session and also an attendance certificate from MHFA England

All workshops are CPD accredited and certificates of attendance will be provided upon successful completion of course and evaluation.

Places are extremely limited for these popular courses, so booking early is advised

If you would like to book onto any of these training courses, or would like more information, please contact us on:


Phone: 0115 934 8445