Call for donations of computer equipment and desks for #suicideprevention

Do you have any computer equipment/laptop that you’re willing to donate?Do you have any small computer desks?
On January 3rd my team will be joined by a number of interns who are going to support us in trying to drive the service forwards, finding ways to save more lives.
We could really do with some additional work stations and laptops/computers for them to work on. 
We know people often have things they’re willing to donate to us, so please, if you do, let us know. 
You could help us save lives. #suicideprevention

New Years Eve is an interesting time of year…

New Years Eve is an interesting time of year. For some it is the opportunity to see in a new year, with hope and positivity; looking towards the future and all the plans that might unfold for the twelve months ahead. For others it is just a day to be with family and friends and to raise a glass together, enjoy good company and countdown to midnight as merely a passing of time where tomorrow we have to remember that we are in a new year.

For some, the turning of the New Year is a difficult and painful time. Where some look to the future with hope, others find the New Year a time to reflect on how unhappy they have been in the past year or beyond. Hopelessness may seep into their world and they may feel as though nothing is ever going to change. Many people that Harmless and The Tomorrow Project have worked with, describe the New Year period as a time to reflect and for those that have had a really tough time, that period of reflection may lead them down a dark path. There is nothing worse than looking to the future and feeling as though there is no point anymore.

Hopelessness can be crippling. It can make even the strongest person feel depressed and alone, but worse than that, it can truly make you question whether life is worth living. It is. It can get better. But at the times when hopelessness is rife it is important to look after ourselves and the ones that we love who might be feeling this way.

New Year is typically one of those times. We encourage each and every one of you to keep an eye on those friends who seem a little distant, who may be isolated or seem withdrawn or unhappy. Although many of us find ways of protecting others from our feelings when we are feeling low, it is so important to share the burden of struggle, if there is one.

This New Year, let’s each vow to look out for the ones that we love and try to make 2016 a safe and happy year. If you are someone that is struggling right now and you can identify with any of these words, reach out. Tell someone how you are feeling. Seek support. Next year might just be a turning point with the right help.

Try not to drink too much, stay with or close to people you know well and trust and try not to isolate yourself and let’s help you take the safe first steps into the New Year.

If you are in crisis and need some support right now please call the Samaritans on 116 123, or call Hopeline on 0800 068 41 41. If you would like support from ourselves, feel free to email us and we will get in touch in the New Year.

The close of the year is often a time of reflection for many people

The close of the year is often a time of reflection for many people. It’s also a time for reflection here at harmless and the tomorrow project.

We are heading into our tenth year as a service, providing specialist self harm and suicide prevention services to people who need our help and in that time we have achieved great things.

We’ve calculated that in the time that we’ve been operating we have conservatively supported 25,000 individuals who are facing these very specific experiences and these are the estimated numbers of people facing self harm and suicide that we’ve supported without even considering all the training and media work that we have done.

These numbers make me as the CEO of our service, extremely proud. I have an amazing team, who all face challenges every day in continuing to bring such life changing and life saving services to all of the people that we help and I want to take this opportunity to thank them and to thank all of the clients and colleagues that have supported us over the years to be in the position that we are in.

The next year we face increasing challenges to maintain the service as it currently looks and so we turn to our supporters to continue to help us in the new year and we promise to you, that we will continue to do everything within our power to reach as many people in distress as we can, and to save every life that we touch.

Calling all IAPT services!

Let’s Talk Training are pleased to offer a bespoke training packagetailored to IAPT services, topics can include: 

Raising awareness

Effective Risk assessment

Effective support

Best practice and guidance




“Fab training; relaxed honest and very informative. The depth, breath and variety of presentation excellent.”

“Very interesting and thought provoking. Made me reflect on my practice as a clinician.” 

“Good to hear personal stories which are very inspirational and thought provoking- helps develop our empathy and therefore skills at delivering appropriate, collaborative and long term strategies. Great training.”

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our training department.

Phone: 0115 934 8446


Therapeutic Service

Harmless provide free therapeutic support to both adults and young children. Our age range covers from 11 years up to 70 years. We provide both long term and short term therapy:


  • Short term therapy may last up to 12 sessions with reviews.
  • Long term therapy can last up to 2 years with reviews.

We provide short term community outreach therapeutic clinics in for both adults and children for up to 12 sessions.

We offer monthly drop in support sessions creating a relaxed atmosphere, offering information and advice.

  • Young Person (11-21Yrs) Wednesday 11th Jan 2017 4 – 5 pm
  • Adult (18+ Yrs) Tuesday 17th Jan 2017 2 – 3 pm.

Drop in sessions are held at Nottingham Community and Voluntary Centre on Mansfield Road (opposite House of Fraser).

We provide monthly a Crisis Café, where people can come along for some informal support.

We offer skype provision, so that people from out of the area wishing to receive remote support can have skype sessions.

If you would like more information on any of the services Harmless provide, please contact us at (Please note that our service does not reopen until 3rd January 2017 and we will reply to any email at the earliest opportunity on our return).

What’s new from the Let’s Talk Training Team?

It’s been a busy few months for your Let’s Talk Training Team! We have been travelling far and wide to support professionals and organisations around the country, equipping individuals with the skills and confidence to respond to those in distress.

In the last 3 months, we have delivered to approximately 470 delegates. Previously it has been discussed about the reach our training has and the difference we are making to the lives of this in distress.

Having been busy crunching the numbers, in the last 3 months alone we have identified we have had an approximate reach, to those in distress, of 9,400

This gives a total reach of around 71,400 since we started delivering training in 2013.

This is a phenomenal amount of people and it motivates us so much to keep going. To know that we have been able to make a difference to this many people in distress, really gives us so much hope and optimism.

At the heart of our service is a real sense of hope. People can and do recover from the most distressing of feelings. This key message is reiterated throughout our training and also through our trainers lived experience of their own personal journeys. This key point really brings home to delegates, that with a little bit of hope, the right support, and training, we can really make a difference and reach out to those that need us the most.

As a final note, the Training Team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has booked or attended training with us over the year. You have played a vital part in making sure, as a service, we can continue to reach those in distress and continue to save lives.

We look forward to working with you in the New Year. 

Join our wonderful supporters and make a regular donation that can save lives!

We hope to gather ten new regular donors to become our life saving supporters. Can you help?



If ten people give £5 a month we can reach 24 more people in crisis.

24 more lives saved.

24 families who still have their loved ones.

Could you spare £5 a month?

Help us reach our target of ten new supporters. You can sign up here:


‘When I needed help, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I called a helpline but they just listened. I had totally given up on my life and wanted to die. When I found the help I needed through these guys I can honestly say that they saved my life when I saw no other way out’


Suicide is the 2nd leading global killer of 15-29 year olds and in the uk is the leading cause of death for men under 45. Together we can change that.

Together we can save lives but we have to keep talking and we have to be willing to help.

Two years ago we ran a campaign to try and get people talking abut suicide. It ran for a short while and then stopped.

The best help for anyone feeling suicidal or in distress in any way is to talk and be heard.

We’re relaunching the campaign. Please share and let people know #Imlistening

Please repost to show your support and let people know that we can help.

Merry Christmas from Harmless and The Tomorrow Project

On behalf of the Harmless and Tomorrow Project team, we hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas.

As we said yesterday, Christmas isn’t an easy time for everyone. While some of us are celebrating with our families, others are suffering, often in silence. People can feel isolated at this time of year, alone, or because this time of year is a time of reflection, can feel mournful and sad. It’s important to notice people around you and how they’re feeling. Often it’s not the grand gestures that can make a difference to how someone is feeling but the simple things- a phone call or text, a hug and a chat.

Christmas isn’t an easy time for everyone…

Christmas isn’t an easy time for everyone. While some of us are celebrating with our families, others are suffering, often in silence. People can feel isolated at this time of year, alone, or because this time of year is a time of reflection, can feel mournful and sad. It’s important to notice people around you and how they’re feeling. Often it’s not the grand gestures that can make a difference to how someone is feeling but the simple things- a phone call or text, a hug and a chat.

Often people don’t know what to do when faced with someone who is struggling, but it’s simple, just be for there for them. Notice they’re feelings and don’t be afraid to ask how they’re doing, but most of all just make sure you make time for them.

Christmas can be especially hard for those with emotional health difficulties, people who have experienced huge loss in their life, or who self harm. These things can improve with time with the right help and support.

Never lose hope, and hoping everyone makes it through this time of year safe and well.