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The exhibition will include a series of portraits of people who have been touched by suicide in some way, either through their own battle of lived experience, supporting someone they love in this battle or tragically lost someone to suicide. Each portrait will stand beside an individual story and will show us that suicide really is #everyonesbusiness.

Monday 10th September 2018
Public viewing 1pm-6pm
Invite only 7pm-9pm

Suicide is still a taboo subject; please join us in breaking down this stigma. After all, suicide is #everyonesbusiness. 

If you have any questions please contact Harmless through on 01158800280 or emailing


Are you 18 to 25 years old with an interest in volunteering?

Here at Harmless and The Tomorrow Project, we are setting up a new and exciting group with the focus of creating a volunteering or fundraising project, which the group will deliver during a 12 week programme.

We have arranged workshops in topics such as CV building and interview skills with the hope of empowerment, improved confidence and increased skills for those recovering from mental ill health.

If you are interested and would like some more information, please contact us on

(we have limited spaces available on our upcoming group to start on 31st August 2018)

Catch up cafe cancelled

On September 5th 2018 at 2.30-3.30pm – we are due to hold a Catch up Café in our Nottingham offices!

Due to a change in events, this Catch up Café will be cancelled.

The next Nottingham Catch up Café is on 18th September 2018 at 11.30-12.30.

The catch up cafes are for those who would like to access some informal, drop in support from our service and for those who would like information about our service. These sessions are for those aged 18 and above.

So whether you’d like some information on how we can support you or someone you know – if you’d like to come in and chat with a member of the team or to catch up with others – we will see you at the Catch up Cafe!

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope to see you on September 18th!

If you would like some information or support, please contact the office on 0115 880 0280 (please note, this is an admin line only) or email or


The amazing Joanne will be trekking 580 miles in support of our life saving service. Training for this challenge has begun with a 10 mile trek through through Snowdonia and climbing to the top of Moel Siabod.

The 580 mile challenge will be across Camino de Santiago where approx 20,000 pilgrims hike the Camino each year, all for their own reasons. Many searching for answers, wanting to find themselves or for the challenge its self.

“Its my 40th Birthday on September 29th. To celebrate this turn of a decade, I’m hiking 580 miles starting from Biarritz to Santiago de Compostela. I will continue past this famous city and hike the final 80 miles to the coast.

Pilgrims have been walking these routes for thousands of years all for different reasons; to form a spiritual path, for spiritual growth and increasing in popularity for the challenge of the hike.

After reflecting on the last decade and being aware of how far I’ve come with my own mental health struggles in life, I knew I wanted to do this hike not only to celebrate the transition into my forties, but more so for a higher reason and to utilise this amazing opportunity I have to raise awareness about mental health. The charity and the cause id like to support along ‘the way’ is a wonderful charity based in the East Midlands called Harmless.

They do incredible work towards self harm and suicide prevention. I attended a workshop ran by Harmless and resonated so much with the content, especially as several of the young people I was coaching at the time were struggling with self harm and suicide ideation. The knowledge and experience share by the trainer was invaluable to the way I adapted my coaching style and gave me the confidence to work with these sensitive issues.

Id love to see more charities, organisations, schools have access to this training and information and help breakdown the stigma and shame associated with suffering from mental health issues and the feeling of not being able to ask for help, or more so, not knowing where to get access to help.

I hope by sharing my journey of not only the Camino but also snippets of my own personal journey that this will raise awareness and perhaps give others hope.

Jo ???

If you’d like to donate please click here:

Beano launches new comic strip to support childrens’ mental health

Britain’s longest-running comic, The Beano, has joined forces with children’s mental health charity YoungMinds to create a new character that addresses mental health and wellbeing among young people.

“Mandi and her Mobile” will also coincide with the publication’s 80th anniversary.

It addresses pressures that can impact children’s mental health, such as dealing with getting their first mobile phone.

Mandi Sharma, is a nine-year-old girl who lives in Beanotown with her mum, Keran, and her grandmother Shabu.

The youngster, who goes to Bash Street School with other popular Beano characters Toots, Rubi von Screwtop and JJ, is given her very first mobile phone.

Despite it being an exciting moment for Mandi, the story aims to tackle how interacting with people digitally is different to interacting face-to-face.

“We feel we have a responsibility to entertain kids, but also to make sure they’re in a safe place,” Beano’s chief executive Emma Scott, told the Times Educational Supplement (TES).

“We want to engage with young people and adults in their lives to give some messages around what digital could or couldn’t mean. Combining Beano’s decades of experience in communicating with children and YoungMinds’ insight into child mental health gives an opportunity to bring a sense of humour and levity to subjects which can be very dark, or difficult.”

To coincide with the launch of the new character, YoungMinds has also shared top tips for children who have recently received their first phone.

The information covers everything from what it means when someone does not text you back, to what you should do if someone sends a horrible message.

Link to original blog:

Would you like to work for Harmless as part of our Clinical Team in Leicestershire?

Harmless are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to join our passionate team and help us save lives.  We are looking for a dynamic individual, who is willing to develop their skills; work outside the box and challenge themselves in order to do whatever is required to help people attain recovery.

We are currently recruiting for a Specialist Therapist, which will be based predominantly in Leicestershire, to join the Harmless team.


Please click here to download the application pack for this role.


This role is particularly well suited to someone early in their career looking for a long term opportunity to develop as a specialist therapist.

Please note: These positions will be primarily based in East Leake (Nottinghamshire), with work to also be delivered in Leicester City and across Leicestershire. Driving will be a necessary part of the role and therefore applicants will need to hold a valid driver’s license and have access to a car to be able to undertake the position.

Please submit all applications and any questions regarding this position to


JOB TITLE: Specialist Therapist (Leicestershire)

HOURS: Up to 37.5 hours per week (Both part time and full time available)

SALARY: Up to £23,250 per annum (Depending on experience)

This position has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund.


A blog by OrlaghsLittleCorner: Three things a day to spread the positivity ?

This is not some tedious list on a million things to do to be more positive, cause I know that personally I can only hold about 3 things in my memory at a time. So, here’s my little 3 step guide on how to be more positive and share more postivite vibes.

Say hello to more people. People at work or at the gym or who you see at uni everyday. Just more people. Introducing yourself to someone new is exciting, you can widen your friendship circle tons by just saying a hey,hiya,ey’up etc etc. I went through secondary school saying hi to a lot of random people and it was actually the best thing cause you make friends with people you never even thought you would. And it also means you won’t be walking round with your head down on your phone!

Smile more! This ones easy. Well easy enough-I totally get that some days smiling is way harder than it should be, but roll with it, everyday has the opportunity for good things. They say laughter is contagious and I believe smiling is too. Smile at strangers and all the things that make you happy. It’s no fun walking round with a frown and your mood will not get better until you ‘turn dat from upside down’.

Throw kindness around like confetti. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere! Just be a nice person. So cliche but honestly it’s pretty to the point. Be kind to people, help wherever possible and encourage eachother! Everyone is having some kind of day, good, bad or ugly; so just give a second of kindness, throw some compliments out, hold the door open, help someone with their bags and be a nice human!

You are now ready to spread some positivity in the world 

Link to the full blog: A blog by OrlaghsLittleCorner: Three things a day to spread the positivity ?