Physiotherapy and mental health

Physiotherapy and mental health

World Physical Therapy Day – September 8th 2018

Today is World Physical Day and we will explore the role that physiotherapy and physical activity has in mental health. World Physical Therapy Day is held every year in September and is a great opportunity to join together with other physiotherapists around the world to promote a shared message to the public.

The WCPT say that this years campaign is focused around the following key messages.

  • Exercise as an evidence-based treatment for depression.
  • The role of physical therapists working with patients who may have mental health issues.
  • The benefits of physical activity in protecting against the emergence of depression.
  • How better outcomes are experienced when exercise is delivered by a qualified healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist.
  • How people with mental health issues are more at risk of having poor physical health.


One thing is for sure – whatever your field of physiotherapy you will see people who have mental health issues. You only have to look at the infographic above to realise if you work in musculoskeletal clinic – you will see people with depression. If you work in neurology – you will see people with depression. If you work with older adults – you will see people with depression.

But how often do you look beyond the physical and consider the mental health of the people you treat? How much does any mental health issues impact on the effectiveness of your physiotherapeutic interventions?


The World PT day toolkit

World PT day resource page – lots of evidence links

Link to full blog:

Can you help?

We are in need of some items to make our lifesaving building brighter and more comfortable. It would mean a lot to our team to be able to add these finishing touches for our clients. Can you help us?

We are hoping for x2 sets of curtains, bright coloured rugs and cushions.

Curtain length one

  • Height = 86 inches (218 cm)
  • Width = 44 inches (112 cm)

Curtain length two

  • Height = 82 inches (208 cm)
  • Width = 82 inches (208 cm)


Thank you, Harmless and TP team

Everyones Business – Vogue Italia feature!

Portrait from our upcoming exhibition coinciding with world suicide prevention day has been featured in Vogue Italia PhotoVogue.

The work will be exhibited in Rough Trade Nottingham as well as on the largest screen in the East Midlands for World Suicide Prevention Day 2018, 10/09/18.

The exhibition will include a series of portraits of people who have been touched by suicide in some way, either through their own battle of lived experience, supporting someone they love in this battle or tragically lost someone to suicide. Each portrait will stand beside an individual story and will show us that suicide really is #everyonesbusiness.

Monday 10th September 2018
Public viewing 1pm-6pm
Invite only 7pm-9pm (email to book)

event page:

Suicide is still a taboo subject; please join us in breaking down this stigma. After all, suicide is #everyonesbusiness.

If you have any questions please contact Harmless through on 01158800280 or emailing