If tonight, you’re closer to the edge of something. Step back!

New Years eve can be a time of reflection. Some of us are able to look forward to the year ahead feeling positive and excited. Some of us are not that fortunate and New Year’s Eve may be a time of mourning or regret, or often fear and turmoil.

For those of you who are closer to the edge, maybe questioning your existence or future, more likely to self harm or worse, drink more than is helpful, or choose aloneness over comfort- take time to slow those choices. Ask for help or support, or just keep on keeping on. Things can always change and always improve with the right help and support.

And for those reading this who are feeling positive and happy, take time to notice those that aren’t because a moment of kindness in someone’s darkest hour can get them through a lifetime.

All the best for a safe and healthy 2014 from everyone at Harmless and the Tomorrow Project!

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