5 Ways to Wellbeing Thursday: Take Notice

Thursday – Take Notice (of my feelings)

I have become very overwhelmed by consistently watching the news and reading news articles. I find that I have been waiting to be informed about new and unsettling updates on the corona virus pandemic daily. I’ve taken notice of this as I become increasingly aware of how this may be potentially impacting my mental health negatively as each day goes by. Although it’s important to stay informed, it’s also important to look after your mental wellbeing. I am now limiting the time I spend on these platforms, when I can I am putting my devices away, and allowing structured times to read the news.

To balance how I am feeling I have been focusing time today to identify things I appreciate and things that I am grateful for in a mood journal of mine. This has helped me take notice of the positives which are happening around me. Examples of this include the feeling of the community spirit in the UK, my health, working for a life-saving service like Harmless and the Tomorrow Project and not to forget my amazing friends, family, and colleagues.

Writing a journal entry a couple of times a week helps to process your feelings and supports in the management of personal adversity and change. Writing a journal has been a wonderful addition to my ‘new’ lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic as it has evoked mindfulness. It helps to remain in the present whilst keeping perspective. Holistically, it has improved my mood and provided me with a greater sense of overall emotional wellbeing and happiness.

The five ways to wellbeing have shared strong evidence which indicates that reminding yourself to take notice can strengthen and broaden our awareness. Being aware of what is taking place in the present directly enhances our wellbeing and savouring the moment can help to reaffirm our life priorities. Increasing our awareness enhances our self-understanding and allows us to make positive choices depending on our own values and motivations.

I’m wondering what other ways people have been taking notice?

~ Leanne

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