5 Ways to Wellbeing Wednesday: Give

Wednesday – Give (Reassurance and Information)

“You’re not alone, we’re in this together, look out for each other – this will not last forever.”

The current circumstances we are all in are confusing and it is a scary time for a lot of us. There is so much fake, confusing and contradictory information out there at the minute. This may cause people to feel edgy, struggle sleeping, sleep too much, obsessively wash hands or obsessively look for updates, and you may feel anxious. It’s important to know that you are not alone with these thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This is an abnormal situation, and this is how many of us are reacting currently – our human reactions are okay!

Many individuals may worry about their health and if they are doing enough to protect themselves and their loved ones. You may worry about what impact this is going to have in the long term or whether you are going to lose income. Many of us share these worries, and to give this week I have been reassuring close loved ones and providing information on organisations and services who are there to support in these times of uncertainty. Give people the opportunity to reach out – mental health is always important especially in times like the present. Reach out if you need to and remember to check in with friends and family. We are all in this together.

A wealth of evidence suggests that individuals who report a greater sense of interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy. It’s thought that committing small acts of kindness once a week for a six-week period is associated with an increase in wellbeing.

Can you tell us about the things you’ve done to give this week?

~ Leanne

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