Can you help our training team?

Our training team here at Harmless are in desperate need of a training laptop. Our wonderful trainers travel the country delivering a vast rage of training from mental health, to self harm to suicide intervention. The training they deliver not only equips individuals in supporting others (and saving lives!), but also funds a lot of Harmless and The Tomorrow Project services.

As our service demands increase and referrals grow we need to meet those needs internally too. Our training team has also grown but with it we now need another laptop.

Can you help us?

Many of our wonderful people who we support prefer to donate an item that will really make a difference.

If you would like to support our service please take a look at our Amazon Wish List and see a laptop we have added.

On behalf of our team: thankyou! Your support is truly appreciated. If you buy something off this list please send us an email to so we can personally thank you.

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