A big thank you to Lois Fearn for organising a hugely successful fundraising event

A massive thanks you to everyone who attended the Help for Mental Health day last weekend in Burton Joyce and those who bought raffle tickets and the delicious homemade cakes and scones. A phenomenal total of just over £1000 was raised!!

A special thank you to those who performed: The Brace, Ben Mark Smith and Jake Burns.

We are incredibly grateful for all your support.


Some words from Lois:

I’ve wanted to raise money for Harmless and The Tomorrow Project ever since I used their service last year.

I accessed the tomorrow project when I lost my Uncle David to suicide. I met with the lovely Rebecca (Support Officer) every week or so, for emotional support whilst I was dealing with the bereavement. David was the kindest man, he lived with my Nana and Grandad and helped care for him before he passed away. From then he always helped my nana, doing her shopping for her, taking the bins out, making cups of tea for her and for anyone who popped round. To say there’s a huge void with David gone would be an understatement, he was very loved by us and well known around the village for being friendly and polite.

With working in mental health and dealing with my own mental health issues, suicide is something I feel strongly about and is now obviously a sensitive subject. I have experienced people with small minded views who have told me suicide is “selfish”, and I refuse to let my wonderful uncle, and others be associated with that word. They are people, with friends, families, life experience, and are so much more than a stranger’s ignorant opinion.

Ultimately this is why I decided to raise money and awareness, to help people like my uncle, like myself, and to try to educate and inform people who simply don’t understand the complexity of suicide. 

The day was a HUGE success, raising just over £1000, which was double my target so I am over the moon. I really could not have done this without the help and support of others though. Trevor Harris, Diane Smith, The Brace, Jake Burns & Ben Smith. Along with everyone who donated raffle prizes and those who baked cakes for me. Finally, a massive thank you to all my friends, family and my boyfriend Scott and of course the Burton Joyce community – which I am very proud to be from.

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