A blog by OrlaghsLittleCorner: Three things a day to spread the positivity ?

This is not some tedious list on a million things to do to be more positive, cause I know that personally I can only hold about 3 things in my memory at a time. So, here’s my little 3 step guide on how to be more positive and share more postivite vibes.

Say hello to more people. People at work or at the gym or who you see at uni everyday. Just more people. Introducing yourself to someone new is exciting, you can widen your friendship circle tons by just saying a hey,hiya,ey’up etc etc. I went through secondary school saying hi to a lot of random people and it was actually the best thing cause you make friends with people you never even thought you would. And it also means you won’t be walking round with your head down on your phone!

Smile more! This ones easy. Well easy enough-I totally get that some days smiling is way harder than it should be, but roll with it, everyday has the opportunity for good things. They say laughter is contagious and I believe smiling is too. Smile at strangers and all the things that make you happy. It’s no fun walking round with a frown and your mood will not get better until you ‘turn dat from upside down’.

Throw kindness around like confetti. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere! Just be a nice person. So cliche but honestly it’s pretty to the point. Be kind to people, help wherever possible and encourage eachother! Everyone is having some kind of day, good, bad or ugly; so just give a second of kindness, throw some compliments out, hold the door open, help someone with their bags and be a nice human!

You are now ready to spread some positivity in the world 

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