Accessing our self harm support services from the perspective of a client

We have recently invited clients to contribute to our blog by asking them to write a short piece about their experience of accessing our self harm support services. The latest blog is written by a client who reflects on their own journey…

‘When I was asked if I wanted to contribute to a blog for harmless It was difficult to know where to start. So I decided to start with my experience of self harm and how I got better. I don’t self harm now but it wasn’t without a fight leaving me feeling, scared and lost.

I went to Harmless with a friend, she helped me face it all, I knew I had to do it then or not at all. I saw Adrienne who spoke to me and told me about Harmless and what to expect from them. She asked me about myself and it all came out.

I didn’t have many meetings because I didn’t need them, just a few, over three months – that was enough to get things sorted in my head. I really feel that I wouldn’t have made it through my last year of school without the support I got.

Thank you to everyone at Harmless. I always know where to turn now if life gets tough.’

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