Our Amazon Wishlist

Every child, adolescent or adult who enters is a friend to someone, loved by someone, a family member, a teacher, a pupil, a colleague. Every person has a network of people around them that they are important to.

Every person who enters our service has their own unique needs, and our wonderful team work in many creative ways to support those needs to aid recovery.

Many of our wonderful people who support like prefer to donate an item that will really make a difference. It could be an item that will support a family going through a difficult time, or an item that will support the people who sit in the waiting room whilst their loved ones access treatment.

We also need items to help our therapists and support officers to do the best job they can possibly do.

If you would like to support our service please take a look at our Amazon Wish List and see what we’re currently in need of.

If you would like to support us by buying something we need we have an amazon wish list set up. We regularly review and update this list based on what the team and service users need. By buying something off this list you can be sure you are providing something that will really make a difference.

On behalf of our team: thankyou! Your support is truly appreciated. If you buy something off this list please send us an email to info@harmless.org.uk so we can personally thank you.



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