Workplace wellbeing; look after your staff and they will look after you (&you help us save lives at the same time -1 min read)

Harmless is a service that takes care of the most vulnerable in society.

Of all ages, we help people that are at risk of Suicide and are facing deep psychological distress.

Who are these individuals?

They are our mothers and sons and friends and colleagues. They are our world.

How do we do help?

This bit isn’t rocket science. This is about saying we will be there and then being there. This is a cup of tea on a cold day. It is a compassionate conversation when someone is rock bottom. It is finding the hope in a hopeless situation.

How do we keep the service running?

We raise our own finance by the provision of consultancy and training services to businesses and organisations UK wide.

We help YOU by delivering workplace mental health, wellness, workplace culture and managerial training. We help YOU to drive performance in your service by enabling you to look after your staff?

How does this save lives?

Firstly, looked after staff are safer: so firstly, we help you to help your staff. But then, the magic is simply in that in selling training to you, we raise finance to provide frontline services.

A simple model.

You get what you need. We get what we need.

And with that we keep saving lives.

Win, win, really? Now who wants to be a life saver….?!!!!

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I’m a social entrepreneur, Harmless, a social enterprise

Harmless is a social enterprise. A CIC.

Harmless began in 2007 after a lot of planning and dreaming and sacrifice and when Amy (our other co-founder) and I envisaged the future for Harmless, we knew we needed to do things differently. We help people that self harm; those in mental distress; those that might contemplate or attempt suicide. We deal with complex social and psychological issues and are here to help those facing such human pain, to overcome their struggles and have a thriving and safe life.

We need to be able to help people, consistently, sustainably, reliably. We need to make money to ensure that those activities are consistent for our clients, so that they have the time, space and opportunity to get the help that they need and that money has to come from somewhere.

When people meet me they often think that I am a little zany. Quirky, is the term often used to describe me. I think outside the box. I’m passionate and ultimately, I am a social entrepreneur.

When I first pitched the idea of Harmless to a funder, they told me that it wouldn’t work. That Harmless was a charity, not a business. We disagreed.

Harmless is a social enterprise; it was then, it is now – and a successful one at that. It makes money to spend money on our clients. We sell products and services, to ensure that we have the funds to commit to helping people who otherwise wouldn’t be helped. In times when it is still extremely difficult to get funding to help people in distress in the way that we help them, we are forced to find alternative solutions and our way is to do that through business activities.

And over the past few weeks I have sat amongst and listened to people that share our philosophy as an organisation, a business and certainly mine, as a leader.

I think big.

I am ambitious.

I believe that we can save lives if we drive our service in the right direction. I am prepared to do what I have to do, learn what I have to learn and give what I have to give, to ensure that our service helps those in most need.

I have revisited my whole approach to leadership and the organisational ethos that has always existed but now with renewed vigour and assurance that our approach is the right one for us. That sustainability is key to our service and to the provision of help to the most vulnerable.

I am like Marmite. People love me or hate me, but hopefully they always respect my integrity and drive.

Harmless is a social enterprise.

I am a social entrepreneur.

We save lives.

Meet our speakers: Pauline Turnbull

Dr Pauline Turnbull has over 15 years’ experience in suicide prevention research. She is currently the Project Director for the National Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health (NCISH). Pauline has a particular interest in research impact. At the From Harm to Hope Conference, Pauline will be drawing upon national data from NCISH to provide a useful context in the areas of suicide and self harm in women.

The ‘From Harm to Hope’, self harm and sucide prevention conference will take place on 28th February 2020 in Nottingham.

If you would like more information about the conference or would like to book tickets, please visit the following link:

Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email:

Phone: 0115 880 0280


Want to join us?

From Harm to Hope

Theme – Apathy: The growing need for us to listen to our ‘hysterical’ women.

Friday 28th February 2020

£100 per delegate place

(£90 Early bird rate end on 30th November, tickets will be £100 thereafter. Tickets must be booked and paid for to qualify for the Early Bird rate)

As a third sector organisation, we appreciate the barriers that many professionals face when accessing CPD opportunities. We are proud to offer  reduced ticket prices to ensure those who support people bereaved by suicide can improve their skills and knowledge in a more affordable way. Some things are more important than just making money.  

Conference details:

The theme of our conference is Apathy: The growing need for us to listen to our ‘hysterical’ women. 

The theme of this conference in response to the shocking rise in female suicides. Rates for females’ ages 10-24 has seen the most significant increase with deaths at 3.3 per 100,000 females in the UK.

Research is telling us that whilst men are the most at risk group to die by suicide, the rate of deaths by women are increasing at shocking rate, and Harmless in response have themed our conference around this.

Join us to explore:  Apathy, The growing need for us to listen to our ‘hysterical’ women. With presentations and workshops around trauma, personality disorder, self harm, domestic abuse and eating disorders we hope the day will respond time the needs of women, firmly and positively.

This exciting new event will bring together private, public, voluntary and community sector organisations, individuals with lived experience of self harm and suicide prevention and practitioners & academics within the field in an ethos of joint working and shared experience.

Our conference is themed around five strategic areas:

Collaborative partnership

Service user representation

Effective practice

Driving change

Overcoming stigma and discrimination

Delegates can expect to take away from the conference a range of knowledge, inspiration and practical applications for the implementation in real life personal and professional situations. Learning from some of the leaders in the field, delegates will have access to interactive sessions that can drive change in the field of self harm and suicide prevention.


Confirmed Sessions:

Perinatal Mental Health


Personality Disorder


Domestic Abuse

Easting Disorders



The conference will be held at the specialist conference venue in the heart of Nottingham, The Nottingham Conference Centre at Nottingham Trent University. For directions please click here

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information about the forthcoming conference, then please email

Or speak directly to a member of our team on: 0115 880 0280

Emails not working!

Our emails are currently disrupted by a service issue so if you are struggling to get in touch with us, please call. If you haven’t heard from us, we will be in touch via other means or when our emails are back up and running as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience.

Exciting changes ahead – but we need your help if you’re in Derbyshire.

We have been lucky enough to secure a contract to deliver mental health training across the wonderful county of Derbyshire.

In order to make the work as successful as we can we’re looking for training venues across the county with the first three places we need to find somewhere being Long Eaton, Matlock and Chesterfield, but do need other places across Derbyshire such as Swadlincote, Shirebrook, Heanor.

If you know of any community venues suitable for delivering for training for up to 20 people then give us a shout.

The more work we do in those areas, the greater the level of support we can offer.

If you can help, or if you’re interested in the training when it launches next month, please email us on

To be eligible for the training you’d need to be living, working or volunteering in Derbyshire county with adults who may experience mental health needs.

We look forward to this exciting extension to our work and to meeting you!

Photography project- we need you!

We are currently recruiting individuals to our suicide awareness photography project.

If you have been touched by suicide in some way, either through your own battle of lived experience, supporting someone you love in this battle or tragically lost someone to suicide and want to take part, we want to hear from you.

All we need you to do is send us your name and phone number and a sentence about your experiences and we will put you in touch with our photographer. Email us at

The images will form part of an exhibition to mark world suicide prevention day and shoots will happen in and around Nottingham.

BIG NEWS! Our Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Centre Receives Government Backing!

Yesterday the government announced the 51 successful projects for its Beyond Places of Safety Fund.

The new scheme is aimed at helping improve the provision of health-based Places of Safety for those detained under S135 and S136 of the Mental Health Act and to improve services for people who are vulnerable to or recovering from a mental health crisis.

We applied many months ago for funds and have waited for what seems like such a long time to hear a decision.

50th on the long list of 51, and after a long and anxious scroll through, I saw our name.

We’ve been funded.

In brief what this means is that we’ve been awarded enough money to buy our property in Nottingham from which to run our suicide specialist services in self harm, suicide crisis and bereavement.

For the first time in Nottinghamshire there will be a secure and thriving provision all under one roof. It’s own roof!

We’re still a little shocked that this has happened because finances have been tight and testing for a long while, but for now we hope this sends out a message of hope… this service will have a permanent roof over its head. We are going nowhere.

In 2007 when our service was delivered from the kitchen side at home, who’d have believed it?!

Anything can happen if you believe in it enough and fight hard enough.

If you need us, we will be here. We know that now for sure.

Thank you, you bunch of champions!

We want to say a big THANKYOU to everyone that voted for us in the people’s project lottery competition.

What this public voting competition has shown us, above and beyond everything, is that people care about the work that we do; that far and wide people believe in the Tomorrow Project and they believe that together we are stronger.

Suicide takes so many lives and leaves families in devastated trauma; it is the leading cause of death in young people aged 5+.

Together we can face this and with your support we can change the outcome for people in crisis, saving one life at a time.

We can’t thank you enough for the public support we’ve experienced over the last few months and we urge you to stay connected to our wonderful service and together, let’s continue to save lives.

Thank you from all of us here at The Tomorrow Project.

#HarmtoHope conference a huge success!

Today we held of national conference from #HarmtoHope.

In spite of the weather, the majority of our contributors and delegates made it through the snow to support our work.

We were joined by colleagues from across the U.K. and heard from colleagues with inspiring, insightful and motivating work.

‘Change can happen if we believe it can’ and we are facing a new wave of interest and commitment to the field of self harm and suicide prevention that we haven’t seen before.

What came across today was that every death by suicide is a person, a life, a family devastated, a friend lost… and as we talk about prevalence rates and we talk about rates we must always remember that any life improved or saved is worth the effort and all the compassion that we have to share.

Thank you for your support. Thank you to all contributors and delegates and service users that privilege us with their voice and thank you to the team at Harmless who are the phenomenal humans that make this happen.