National news tomorrow

Keep your eye out for us across the media tomorrow… from morning news onwards we will be speaking about self harm and young people and discussing what we think needs to happen to drive change. 

Tune into Sky news from 6am and ITV news throughout the day.

It’s been a really busy day so far and tomorrow is set to be busy too as we work hard to give our clients a voice and fight for the needs of people that self harm. 

In addition, Caroline our CEO spoke on BBC radio Nottingham today and you can listen back to that interview here:

The interview starts at 2:07:50

Let us know what you think! 

National Practice in Mental Health Collaborative… Did someone say more awards?

The past few weeks have been incredibly special for Harmless. 

We’ve celebrated our tenth anniversary, held an amazing celebration event, moved to our very own building and to top things off we have just won three awards.
Presented by the National Practice in Mental Health Collaborative, Harmless won an award for Co-Production of Care Award AND the Recovery Award. Words can’t express how proud we feel as a team; we are beaming with pride!!
In the ten years since Harmless started, the team have supported over 30,000 individuals; the youngest being just 4 years old. As a team we couldn’t be prouder – here’s to another 10 years saving lives.
If you’re as passionate about saving lives as we are why not donate?

Just £25 provides a therapy session for someone by donating here 


Harmless CEO in the running for ‘hero’ award!

The Nottingham Post Heroes Awards 2017 in partnership with Boots, celebrates the achievements of truly remarkable people who make our community a better place. Hosted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in October, it is the biggest awards show of its kind in Nottingham.
Once again this year, the Nottingham Evening Post are on a search for Nottingham’s finest. Covering categories such as Volunteer of the Year, Community Champion, Child of Courage, Armed Forces plus many more. Nominations can be from all walks of life, of all ages, and from all over the region.

They say they are ordinary people, but their acts are truly extraordinary. It may be for a single act of incredible courage, a long-lasting battle against the odds, or for inspirational campaigning.

This year Caroline has been shortlisted in the category of ‘community champion’ and tonight will attend the evening event where she will see if she has won the category. 

Either way, Harmless are proud of the work that we are doing and will continue to do so, to save lives.

Anniversary event a soaring success

Yesterday evening was our tenth anniversary dinner to raise spirits and money.
  We auctioned a very special item- a scarf. This is a scarf that’s pattern was designed by Clare, who lost her friend to suicide and wanted to give testimony to her friends life. 
This scarf is a physical show of comfort- an attempt at wrapping someone in the thoughts and compassion of another. 

We auctioned a Lovelock scarf and it raised a whopping £80. The scarf went to a mother who lost her son to suicide and we hope that she will know that our thoughts are with her, every time she wears this very special scarf.

Get your hands on a knitting pattern to contribute to this beautiful story:

Who’s excited for our event? 

It’s ten years of hard work that have led to our forthcoming anniversary event to be held at Ruddington Grange this Saturday.

We’re all ready now- and excited to see you all there. 

There will be time for reflection, a look at our work and bags full of hopefulness and optimism as we look to the future.

Here will also be good food, a few ripples, awesome music and dancing (there must be dancing- we have a band!) 

There are still raffle tickets you can buy (be in the running for a Spanish holiday, no less!) and auction items you can bid on, including spa days and other fun stuff! 

Your support is what saves lives… we fund most of our activities ourselves. Be a part of that wonderful life saving change. 

Thanks for everything- see you there! 

Today is Harmless’ tenth anniversary, a note from our CEO. 

Ten years ago Amy and I launched an organisation that we truly believed had the potential to help people but with not a lot other than hope and tenacity.

For years we had been involved in the charity sector and had learned what not to do… we knew the world needed something more. So Amy told me to stop moaning about it and get on and do something, and so we did. 

We were told the concept of our model wouldn’t work. 

In those early days we sought help from Business advisors and started to refine our concept of a social business that would save lives. 

Shortly after we formed as a social enterprise and our first team member Adrienne Grove joined us and she’s been by my/our side every day since then.

Ten years on we have reached over 30,000 people that have experiences relating to self harm either directly or indirectly. And in recent time have trained over 4000 with an indirect reach of 90,000 people. 

We have a growing team and this week we have moved into our own premises and a management team including myself and Adrienne, Amy Harroe and Darren Fox that have this year worked to exhaustion to enable the service to survive. 

To mark our tenth anniversary we have worked with LeftLion magazine who have today published an article I did with them.

Next week we hold our celebration dinner to mark what we have achieved (there’s still a handful of tickets if you want to join us) with the following week myself being up for a Community Hero Award and Harmless in the running for two national mental health awards. 

This year has been a tough year. At times we didn’t know if we were going to make it. It has been stressful and at times upsetting… but then you sit down with a 4 year old boy who’s daddy died by suicide this year and you remember just why we have to keep fighting because there’s always more to do. People need us. So we will continue to fight for your friends and family to live in a world where there’s someone who can help them, so when they pick up the phone there’s someone there.

Thank you to everyone for the support we’ve had over the years and to a fantastic team, without whom we wouldn’t have achieved our dream of creating a service that would save lives. 

If you’d like to contribute to the future of our services then feel free:

New offices, be patient with us!

Today, after over 8 years with our registered office being based at the volunteer centre in Nottingham, we have moved to our own dedicated building. 

We will update you with more information as things start to take shape, but as we make these changes please be patient with us. 

Our phone numbers will stay the same but there may be a gap in provision. If you struggle to get hold of us, please drop us an email at 

This is an exciting but also a very hectic time for us and we will do our best to ensure everything as seemless as possible. 

Thank you for your patience and support.

£25 saves a life? Wanna be a life saver? 

FACT: £25 can save a life
FACT: 6,188 suicides were reported 2015

MYTH: Talking about suicide escalates risk of suicide
FACT: For every 1 woman 3 men take their lives

MYTH: Someone who talks about wanting to take their life won’t go through with it
FACT: The Tomorrow Project & Harmless save lives
FACT: £25 = one crisis session
Please save a life today and donate to Harmless click here to go to our local giving page:

World Suicide Prevention Day – #takeaminute #savealife

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. This is a day that honours suicide prevention work across the globe and can give us all a moment to stop and think what we each have to contribute to suicide prevention. 

Each year, the International Association for Suicide Prevention sets a theme for the day; this year is #takeaminute. 

We often think that life saving efforts come from elaborate interventions. If you thought this was the case- you’d be wrong. Suicide prevention is everyone’s business… change can happen in a moment – a show of human kindness, a cups of tea, a chat, a hug, or a moment of self care. What can you do in a minute that could change everything for someone else or for yourself?

We’re borrowing this next bit from a supportive follower of our work…

‘In 2015 6,188 people died by suicide 

In 2015 1,732 people died in a road accident 


How many times do we say ‘drive carefully’? Its relatively easy right and trips off the tongue. 

How many times do we say ‘are you ok?’ and wait long enough to hear what that person really says, or when they say ‘fine’ be curious and ask a few more questions? 

New research this year by De Cou et al (2017) has evidenced that asking people outright if they are having suicidal thoughts does NOT make them more likely to do anything or make them feel worse. Don’t be afraid to ask.’

Don’t be afraid to listen to the answer – you could be the difference between life and death for someone you know and love. 

Tell us how you’re going to spend your minute wisely.

#takeaminute #savealife