Awards: a time for reflection and thanks for our work in the field of self harm and suicide prevention.

Recently Harmless is having a busy time. It is time for us to reflect upon our achievements, look to the future and make plans and choices about our work in the field of self harm and suicide prevention. There are difficult times ahead- increases in the rate of self harm and suicide mean that we struggle to meet the growing need; cuts in funding mean that we will have to summon our supporters to really rally round.

Never has our work been more vital. Never has the Harmless team been more necessary and more needed by people in distress.

The team at Harmless work tirelessly throughout the whole year and what we do is hard but really privileged work. We hear the painful stories of people’s struggle and their losses. We also get to hear the successes, the recoveries and hear of the comfort that we bring to people in pain.

From our trainer who travels up and down the UK delivering training and talks about suicide and self harm in the hope that her words enable help to be received; our team of counsellors and therapists that work directly with people in distress, through to our business and administration team who support every activity we undertake to improve people’s lives. The whole team deserve my thanks and support.

I am the Managing Director of Harmless and The Tomorrow Project. I set the project up with my sidekick Amy in the face of complete adversity and have watching it grow, thrive, struggle and prosper and ultimately save lives.

The stories we hear about the suffering of others is painful. It is so necessary that we continue our work and that we raise the money to keep doing so.

Over the past year we have provided training and workshops to over 1200 people aged 11 upwards, in schools, healthcare; across the country. We have provided therapy to over 300 young people and 200 adults- each of those people marking change in their lives with an 82% recovery rate. These are great achievements.

Tomorrow night the Harmless team will be represented at the O2 smarta100 awards where the organisation will be honoured with a smarta100 award for our business acumen. This is a great honour for us.
Harmless has striven to be an ethical, safe, well governed and effective service for people that self harm- we apply a solid business model to ensure that in tough times, our service is sustainable and there for those that need it the most.

The whole team will not be in attendance when we hear whether we have come top of our category for social impact, but they are each honoured with the celebration because without them we can’t achieve what we achieve. This is my thanks to a team who do me proud every day for their work in such difficult circumstances.

Let’s hope that tomorrow brings further success because for our work to continue to prosper in the difficult times ahead, we need the recognition, support and celebration of our work and the financial backing of funders to make it happen.

Good Luck Team Harmless, and Thank you.

Caroline Harroe

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