Become a community Champion, sponsor our National ‘From Harm to Hope Conference!’

Become a community Champion, sponsor our  National ‘From Harm to Hope Conference!’

Every day brings us closer to the 1st March. The office is humming with excitement for the big day. Fingers are tapping on keyboards, cheery voices can be heard on the phones and plans are being drawn up left, right and centre.

Each of us is putting in the extra mile as we don our conference hats and extend or job roles for the next month and half. Whether it is creating programmes, selling tickets, communicating with speakers or visiting the venue we are all busy preparing to put on the most innovative and successful start to Self harm awareness day!

One of my roles has been to circulate the information regarding our conference. Although this task may sound very repetitive it has been a fascinating opportunity that has allowed me to connect with our wider community. In just the space of an hour I have been speaking with a variety of accents from all around the country an opportunity I have really enjoyed.

As many of you will be aware Harmless is a not for profit organisation and this will also apply to the conference. We understand the importance of bringing the community and wider society together, discussing and sharing valuable information on the topic of Self harm and promoting hope and recovery for those in distress.

Unfortunately the price for putting on a conference does not come cheap and therefore we are looking for the support of our community. To make the event accessible for all we are looking for two levels of sponsorship.

1. A main conference sponsor – £1000

2. Community champions – £300

The community champions sponsorship will enable three people who are carers or small organisations to attend the conference for free. With the BBC and the evening post already committed to publicising the event we will very much promote the support of our sponsors and ensure that we continue to save lives! 

If you would like to sponsor us then please do get in touch,

Written by Harmless Trainer Sarah Kessling – Sarah will also be presenting at our conference and delivering a workshop around Risk Assessment and Intervention for high risk groups at our conference.

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