BIG NEWS! Our Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Centre Receives Government Backing!

Yesterday the government announced the 51 successful projects for its Beyond Places of Safety Fund.

The new scheme is aimed at helping improve the provision of health-based Places of Safety for those detained under S135 and S136 of the Mental Health Act and to improve services for people who are vulnerable to or recovering from a mental health crisis.

We applied many months ago for funds and have waited for what seems like such a long time to hear a decision.

50th on the long list of 51, and after a long and anxious scroll through, I saw our name.

We’ve been funded.

In brief what this means is that we’ve been awarded enough money to buy our property in Nottingham from which to run our suicide specialist services in self harm, suicide crisis and bereavement.

For the first time in Nottinghamshire there will be a secure and thriving provision all under one roof. It’s own roof!

We’re still a little shocked that this has happened because finances have been tight and testing for a long while, but for now we hope this sends out a message of hope… this service will have a permanent roof over its head. We are going nowhere.

In 2007 when our service was delivered from the kitchen side at home, who’d have believed it?!

Anything can happen if you believe in it enough and fight hard enough.

If you need us, we will be here. We know that now for sure.

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