Calling all Hospital Staff


Whilst attending the Nottingham University Conference: Responding effectively to self harm and suicidality, Keith Hawton, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Centre for Suicide Research, discussed the impact of training on hospital staff.

He highlighted how the NICE guidelines around effective support for those who self harm recommend training for all.  Saunders at al. (2012) identified that training has significant improvements on attitudes and confidence in hospital staff. The study also highlighted how more formal and interactive training was most successful in changing attitudes.

Professor Hawton went on to present how training should take shape, training needs to be:

Focused on skills and knowledge


Involve service users

Repeated regularly

Evaluated for behavioural change

At Harmless, we embrace the challenges that hospital staff face and spend quality time supporting everyone in hospital settings to improve their confidence and skills. But don’t rely on what we have to say here are what some of our delegates have said about our training…

“Excellent training that has made me think ‘outside the box’ regarding self harm. Would highly recommend this training. Trainer was absolutely fantastic.”

“Fantastic training day. Makes me feel more confident as a practitioner.”

“The whole session was delivered in an enthusiastic and knowledgeable manner. Probably the best training session I have experienced in over 25 years of working with young people.”

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