Every Colleague Matters Launch

Harmless recently attended Nottingham’s Every Colleague Matters launch, where we were invited to speak about the workshops we will be delivering as part of our commissioning from Nottingham City Council and Nottingham CCG.

We had half an hour slot to share information about these workshops and also to deliver an interactive, 20 minute ‘taster’ session.

I presented information about what we will be delivering, why we are delivering these and also who these workshops are aimed at. We received such a positive response upon sharing this information and the interactive session, delivered by our trainer, Sarah, that I thought it would be valuable to share this information more widely.

We will be delivering Community Workshops, Frontline Workers training, Workplace Training for Managers and also MHFALite

By providing training to specific groups of people, we can directly influence the lives of people with mental health problems and equip Communities, Frontline Workers and Managers with the confidence and skills to respond to mental health problems.

In terms of the Community Workshops, the purpose of these will focus on how to promote resilience and wellbeing in the community through building of awareness and resilience amongst citizens and carers. These workshops will be aimed at volunteers, community care workers, neighbourhood workers etc. These will be a 2 hour workshop, with a drop in after each one, staffed by a Harmless Therapist

The Mental Health Awareness for Frontline Workers workshop will focus on improving skills and confidence to recognise people with mental health problems and offer appropriate support. This will acknowledge that Frontline Workers will also have needs around their own mental health and encourage self-care and emotional resilience. These workshops will be aimed at frontline workers such as reception staff, security officers, police, ambulance crew, job centre staff etc. These workshops will be half a day

The Workplace training for Managers will examine how practical support can be provided to create an environment that is healthy for staff and promote interventions to raise awareness. This training will be aimed at CEO’s and Senior Management in a range of organisations within Nottingham City and will take place over half a day

Finally, we will be delivering MHFALite. MHFALite is an introductory mental health awareness course and will be delivered by a fully qualified MHFA trainer. The course introduces ALGEE – a unique memory tool that can be used to provide mental health first aid. Delegates that attend will receive an MHFALite manual and also an attendance certificate from MHFA England.

All of these workshops have a big focus on reducing stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health and also raises hope that recovery is likely and possible.

For more information on any of these courses and upcoming dates, please email;