Women of Nottingham

100 years ago, the suffragettes fought for the right of Women to vote. To celebrate this there is an event of 100 images shown across various platforms throughout Nottingham. The project, ‘Women of Nottingham ‘ celebrates the skills, diversity and attributes that live in any one community. On the back of world events and to mark International Women’s Day, there is no better time to celebrate and promote the positives that females bring to all of our lives.

Our CEO Caroline was chosen to have her portrait featured in the exhibition and on behalf of the team at Harmless we are all so proud.

The event will be hosted at THINK gallery (Cobdem Chambers) with fundraising for local good causes, including ours.

All the images from the project will be exhibited in the gallery at THiNK until March 18th.

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/340341856467230/

To support us: https://localgiving.org/donation/harmless

Ever wondered what difference we make?

Hear from our client first hand…

“When I first started [The Tomorrow Project] I could not see any alternative to finding a way forward and dealing with the issues I was having. The non-medical approach has helped me to move my focus of attention away from distress and eventually look at other more constructive ways of dealing with the problems, without having to either stay in confrontation with my issues, or accept defeat from them. This is a long overdue project.”

To support us in our life saving work: https://localgiving.org/donation/harmless
To sponsor Zoe ball: https://www.sportrelief.com/news-and-tv/zoes-hardest-road-home

#HarmtoHope conference a huge success!

Today we held of national conference from #HarmtoHope.

In spite of the weather, the majority of our contributors and delegates made it through the snow to support our work.

We were joined by colleagues from across the U.K. and heard from colleagues with inspiring, insightful and motivating work.

‘Change can happen if we believe it can’ and we are facing a new wave of interest and commitment to the field of self harm and suicide prevention that we haven’t seen before.

What came across today was that every death by suicide is a person, a life, a family devastated, a friend lost… and as we talk about prevalence rates and we talk about rates we must always remember that any life improved or saved is worth the effort and all the compassion that we have to share.

Thank you for your support. Thank you to all contributors and delegates and service users that privilege us with their voice and thank you to the team at Harmless who are the phenomenal humans that make this happen.

We need you!

As you may be aware, some of the services we offer are under threat of closure. The money that funds our Crisis services and bereavement services runs out at the end of March.

In order for us to keep helping people we have to do something miraculous. We need everyone who believes in what we offer, to join us in working together to save lives.

We need you!

Could you:

– make a regular donation?

– hold a fundraiser for us? A cake stall? A sponsored event? Anything at all…

We’re looking for a team of new #lifesavers and we’ve found our first.

Professor Ellen Townsend of the University of Nottingham is walking a 1000 miles for Harmless to help us save lives. She is hoping to raise £1000 towards our life saving services. You can sponsor her here: https://localgiving.org/fundraising/ellen1000miles/

But you could also join her, in walking for Harmless and #walkingforhope – could you set up your own challenge and join us in #walkingforhope? You can set up your own fundraising page here:

Together we can save lives and keep vital services for people facing crisis running.

Self Harm Awareness Day 2018

Today is the 1st of March, International Self Harm Awareness Day. To mark the occasion we are holding our annual national conference.

Come hail or snow, the conference brings together people from across the UK to focus on how we can collaboratively work with those that self harm.

Today we welcome our colleagues to a day of discussion, of presentations and workshops. We will hear from Professor Louis Appleby, Dr Karen Slade, members of the Harmless team, those with lived experience and service providers in a day that aims to promote improved practice.

50% of people that die by suicide have a history of self-harm and so this years conference is focusing upon suicide prevention with our theme being: ‘self harm: suicide prevention starts here!’

Why not tune in throughout the day to our twitter handle #HarmtoHope to hear updates from the day.

#JoinTheConversation and together #LetsSaveLives

Tomorrow is a BIG day for the Harmless team!

Tomorrow is self harm awareness day and we host our national conference to mark the event, bringing people together in meaningful discussion to work towards suicide prevention.

Self harm awareness day also means that we get to revisit our commitment to our service users and reiterate that no matter how tough times are for us, we will continue to work to provide support.

If you would like to support us in our endeavours then we will be generating ‘a month of ideas’ (for fundraising) starting tomorrow.

If you’d like to get involved, then give us a shout on info@harmless.org.uk as we look to securing the financial future for our service- you could become one of our life savers.

We are also offering a range of discounts on all of our products and training services for self harm awareness day.

Remember, if we work together, we really can make a difference.

Self Harm Conference, 1st March 2018: Free sponsored places now open for applications!


We have now secured sponsorship from our Community Champions – Nottingham City Transport, Impero, Micropropagation Services (EM) Ltd, Logistics and Warehouse Services Ltd, Pedigree Automotive Solutions Ltd, Hopkins Solicitors & The A.W. Lymn Centenary Foundation – for free places to our conference on 1st March 2018 and are now inviting applications for these free places.

If you would like to attend our conference in one of these free places, you will need to complete an application form which you can download using the link below.

All applications must be submitted to admin@harmless.org.uk no later than 11am on Friday 16th February 2018. Any late submissions may not be considered.

Please click here to download our Sponsored Places Application Form

Please note that the submission of this form does not guarantee you a free place. All applications will be considered by Harmless management and you will be informed if you have been successful. If you do not hear back from us, please assume you have not been successful.


Self Harm Conference: From Harm to Hope

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Usual Price £150 per delegate place


What is the purpose of the conference?

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Self harm: Suicide prevention starts here’.

Harmless recognises that self harm effects a broad range of individuals, facing many diverse experiences; reducing the number of individuals that self harm requires contributions from across society and includes education, prevention, intervention and postvention work.

This exciting event will bring together private, public, voluntary and community sector organisations, individuals with lived experience of self harm and practitioners & academics in the field of self harm in an ethos of joint working and shared experience.

The conference will address a broad range of skills and learning needs, and provide an opportunity to examine working with a broad client base, including young people and adults.

Our conference is themed around five strategic areas:

Collaborative partnership,

Service user representation,

Effective practice,

Driving change,

Overcoming stigma and discrimination.


Delegates can expect to take away from the conference a range of knowledge, inspiration and practical applications for the implementation in real life personal and professional situations. Learning from some of the leaders in the field, delegates will have access to interactive sessions that can drive change in the field of self harm.


Confirmed Speakers:

Professor Louis Appleby

who leads the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England.


Dr Karen Slade

Dual Harm: Towards an understanding of those who harm themselves and others.


Laura Dunkley & Michelle Harden

Hearing the Suicidal Patient’s Emotional Pain.



  • Sarah Kessling (Harmless) – Effective risk assessment and safety planning.
  • Claire Dixon (Harmless) – Self harm and suicide: The missing link.
  • Pam Burrows – Does your organisation have a C.A.R.E. culture or a SCARE culture? An introduction to the C.A.R.E. model for a developing a sustainable wellbeing culture in your organisation.
  • Naomi Watkins & Alex Parkin – Domestic abuse, self-harm & suicide – what is the correlation, how can we help?
  • Marie Armstrong – Self-harm and Young people – not what I intended it to be.
  • Sarah Fairbank & Ann Watts – Working with complex trauma, self harm and suicide.
  • Gloucestershire Public Health – Developing a comprehensive all age pathway for people who self harm in Gloucestershire.
  • World Café – A chance to speak to people with lived experience.



The conference will be held at the specialist conference venue in the heart of Nottingham, The Nottingham Conference Centre, located on Nottingham Trent Universities City Campus. The address for the conference centre is: Burton St, Nottingham, NG1 4BU.


Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information about the forthcoming conference, or to book tickets, then please email admin@harmless.org.uk.

Or speak directly to a member of our team on: 0115 880 0280

Save our service from closure

To all of the people we have ever helped, or who have ever believed in our work- we need you.

For the last year we have struggled to find the services that we offer. Our work is held in such high esteem and anyone who’s needed us, knows we save lives. But the funding crisis in the U.K. means it’s become increasingly difficult to survive.

At present, we need to raise 30k to keep our Suicide crisis and bereavement services open.

I know this seems like big money, but it’s made up of small, affordable and generous donations.

Every support session we deliver costs £25 a time, so if you believe in us at all, could you spare that, or a portion of that?

At the minute, every little really does help.

We HATE turning to our community and asking for help, but if we don’t ask you, we may not survive.

Can you help?

Will you share this?

Can you give up the price of a coffee, or a trip out to save someone’s life? Or hold an event, or a sponsored something… anything…

Thank you for reading this. We promise we will keep trying our very best to be there when you need us.


Community Champions

Every year we run a number of events and to make those event happen in a way that reaches everyone that it needs to, we engage with as many corporate sponsors as we are able.

Our community champions help us to widen our offer of help to more people that need it.

Could you be a community champion? 

Are you a company looking for further CSR opportunities? 

Could you donate £1-300 (or more, obviously!!) to help people in distress and their families come along to our help promoting events?

Your money would help us host events that reach people; in return you would receive sponsorship acknowledgment in local press and convene and an update about the social impact you’ve contributed to.

Please share, and thank you and if you want to get involved, please contact admin@harmless.org.uk

From Harm to Hope

Harmless’ third national self harm conference will be held on Thursday 1st March 2018, Self Harm Awareness Day. This year’s theme is ‘self harm: suicide prevention starts here’.


Self harm conference

£150 per delegate place


2 places for £200

Themes for the day

– Driving change

– Collaborative partnership

– Service user representation

– Effective practice

– Overcoming stigma & discrimination

Speakers Include:

Professor Louis Appleby

Sarah Kessling (Harmless)

Claire Dixon (Harmless)

Mental Health Today

Pam Burrows

Naomi Watkins & Alex Parkin

Marie Armstrong

Sarah Fairbank

Gloucestershire Public Health


Click HERE for tickets