Conferences, meetings and more…

For two days last week, I and various members of my team, have been in London.

On Tuesday, we attended the National suicide prevention alliance annual conference where 300 delegates attended to explore various themes in relation to suicide, suicide prevention and suicide bereavement. A really rich program brought together discussions and stories that helped us remain focused upon the suicide prevention agenda which is everyone’s business.

I did not attend last year due to maternity leave and what has been beautiful to reflect upon is the growth and the perspective and the change that happens when committed and passionate, and often deeply impacted individuals, come together for the greater good and for a social cause.

I will be certain in my own work and corner of the world, to continue that fight for all individuals to have access to services and support when they need it the most.

Please, if you are an organisation that comes into contact with vulnerable individuals then please consider joining the NSPA and look at the hub of information that may help you in your everyday work.

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