Exercise and mental health

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and if we consider the wider impact on our friends and family, then actually most of society will be affected in some way.

Mental illness can have an impact on a person’s cognitive, behavioural and social functioning and can be a liberating illness.

Exercise is well recognized as an effective treatment for people suffering from acute and chronic mental illness and is recognized for alleviating depressive symptoms.

Exercise can make a big difference in mood and should be a fundamental part of mental health treatment. Even one workout a week is known to have great benefits.

By adding exercise into your life you could see benefits in improved mood, sleeping better, feeling more energized, healthy coping and release of ‘happy’ hormones called endorphins.

Cycling to save lives…the longest road home.

With exercise on the mind we wanted to let you know that we have recently been working with Zoe Ball and the Sport Relief Campaign Team.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Zoe lost her partner to suicide last May. As such she has decided to undertake a sport relief challenge to raise money for comic relief but also to raise awareness about the issues she and her partner, faced.

We were privileged enough to spend some time with Zoe over the course of the filming and get to know her story. Billy had long suffered from depression and died in May as a result of his struggle.

Zoe will spend the next five days cycling Blackpool to Brighton on her #HardestRoadHome cycle and will be on BBC breakfast each morning to raise awareness of the cycle and to get people talking about mental health.

There will also be a documentary on the evening of March the 21st that will feature our work with The Tomorrow Project and then again throughout the campaign evening of the 23rd of March.

Please show your support for the challenge, for all that Zoe stands for and is fighting for and facing herself, and please tune in to the documentary.

We’ve worked so hard to bring the suicide prevention and bereavement agenda to light in this piece of work and we hope that this is a good opportunity to galvanise the support and momentum needed to keep our wonderful services in the position they need to be – saving lives.

To support us: https://localgiving.org/donation/harmless

To support Zoe: https://www.sportrelief.com/news-and-tv/zoes-hardest-road-home

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