Feedback on our self harm resources

Harmless offer a range of helpful and supportive resources for people who self harm, their friends and families, carers and professionals. These resources can be used to promote recovery, provide insight and help people move forward with their lives. The money we raise also goes directly towards helping us continue delivering our vital services.

Have you purchased any of our resources?

If you have purchased any of our self harm resources, please provide feedback via our website. The feedback we receive helps us to develop further resources that can be useful to individuals that self harm, their friends, families and professionals. It also helps others to decide which resource may be right for them.

We would really love to hear what you think so, if you have one of our resources, please let us know by following the links below:

To review the Out of Harm’s Way DVD, click here

To review the In Our Own Words book, click here

To review the Working Through Self Harm workbook, click here

To review our self harm policy guidance, click here

You don’t have to have purchased your product via the shop to review a product; if you have any of our resources regardless of where you got them from, you can add a comment.

When reviewing the products please consider: How helpful was the product? Did it help with recovery? Did the resource match the description we provide about the product? Was it value for money? Would you recommend the product to anyone else? What would you like to see included in future products?

Please note: You are not required to fill in your real name (unless you want to). You may prefer to use a pseudonym that doesn’t identify you or remain anonymous.

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