Find Time for Joy

Stress is an issue that everyone deals with in different ways but not an issue that everyone knows how to cope with. When we’re dealing with massive amounts of pressure and you find yourself becoming overwhelmed we may engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as; eating large amounts of junk food, oversleeping or sleep to little, retail therapy or harmful behaviours. With a great deal of practice of what works best for us other individuals may choose to turn to healthier coping strategies like; meditation, doodling, exercise, mood journals or a friendly chat.

How we choose to deal with stress has a major impact on both our mental health and our physical well-being. It’s always helpful to ask ourselves, ‘am I making the right choices when it comes to coping with stress? Do I know what some of the wrong choices may be?’

Coping with stress can be difficult but making the wrong choices when it comes to coping mechanisms can add that much more stress to your life.

Whatever makes you happy, make time for it in your day.

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