Getting help to the right people at the right time

Yesterday I delivered training to approximately 20 play workers for Nottingham City around the issue of self harm.

I’m Harmless’ CEO, and whilst I used to deliver a lot of training, my role usually nowadays keeps me busy with strategy and fundraising. Today I took a step back to my roots, giving a whistle stop workshop about the main issues to a group of really engaged delegates.

It’s hard in a workshop to cover enough of the information that a workforce need to know to feel more confident. But training, delivered the right way can inspire change. That is… After all… Why we do what we do. We believe in change. We want to encourage our work forces to feel confident to talk about self harm, to know what to say and how to say it and to ensure that come what may, they can make a difference to people’s lives.

The issue that came out of today’s training, loud and clear, was that policies and systems often get in the way of a good, honest and compassionate conversation with young people that self harm. That somehow, with all the risk assessments we have to do, the referrals we have to make, that the very support we’re there to provide can get lost.

So today reminded me of why we do the training the way we do it; why we place people with personal experience at the heart of all that we do and why we fight so hard to ensure that every person who needs help, gets the best possible chance of that help.

Self harm can be a difficult subject for many to talk about, but it doesn’t mean that with the right support and help, and training, we can’t be confident to help people in those situations.

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