Good tidings to all…

So far my time at Harmless has been the most jam packed, thrill inducing, challenge to date! You are welcomed into their arms from the very first day you arrive with a warm smile and from that point there is no holding back. I may only have been here 5 months but I already feel a part of the Harmless family.

Care and appreciation are a big part of Harmless ethos and these characteristics run throughout everything Harmless does. Whether it was standing by me during my first delivery or fixing all my technical mishaps all members of the Harmless team act with integrity and authenticity. This care and appreciation runs within their veins and can be seen in every small or big task they take on. Every event, every project is met with the same level of passion and enthusiasm as the one before, if not more! It is transparent that those working for Harmless work with the purpose to make a difference.

Since joining the team my life has become a thrilling adventure. So far I have delivered to roughly 600 individuals, attended numerous conferences mixed with inspirational speakers and researchers, celebrated our company’s achievements, been on TV and supported the creation of film clips. I have had various job roles over the years but this is a job I have truly fallen in love with. I look forward to a restful holiday but anticipate an exciting new year to come.

My thoughts and well wishes go out to all!

Sarah, Harmless Trainer

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