Harmless aren’t just for Nottingham!

Harmless aren’t just for Nottingham!

Over the last two weeks I have delivered 6 PSHE sessions on self harm to a schools, three in Cambridge and three in Staffordshire. The diversity of the schools and the pupils aren’t a challenge; it is a pleasure.

No matter where in the country we deliver, I am always greeted by students who engage, ask questions and most of all continue to talk about what they have heard after. Yes, at times there is reluctance by students to come to the session when they know what the content is; either they feel it is not of relevance to them or, they themselves are self-harming and feel the session may be triggering.

I am pleased to say that though the latter is a common fear, one raised often by teachers, very rarely has a student left during a session. Delivery of self harm awareness is done with sensitivity and the subject of self harm is brought about gradually and in a way that reduces stigma and increases understanding. Not just for those who self harm, but for everyone.

Blog written by Satveer Nijjar (Harmless and Tomorrow Project Trainer)

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