Harmless CEO, Caroline Harroe, selected for prestigious award as One of the Ten Outstanding Young People in the UK.

Tonight, our CEO, Caroline Harroe, will head to Manchester to receive her award as one of the JCI UK’s ten outstanding young people (TOYP).

JCI TOYP serves to formally recognise young people who excel in their chosen fields and create positive change. By recognising these young people, JCI raises the status of socially responsible leaders in this world. The honourees motivate their peers to seek excellence and serve others. Their stories of discovery, determination and ingenuity inspire young people to be better leaders and create better societies.

Nominated in the category of ‘Business, economic and entrepreneurial accomplishment’, her nominator says: “Caroline is an innovative social entrepreneur. She leads the service forwards driving change in the field, inspiring others, sharing compassion and ultimately valuing every life she touches in the hope that that life can be saved”.

Caroline says: “It’s a real privilege to be recognised as one of the award winners. I have dedicated my life, firstly to overcoming my own difficulties, but secondly in leading the way for others facing psychological struggle to overcome their difficulties and providing practical and innovative services to overcome their problems. I believe that hope is possible for anyone.

The last time that I had contact with services, I had attempted to take my life. No one felt more hopeless than I did right then. I had no job and saw no future. If that change is possible for me it is possible for anyone if they receive the right help and support and I now do my best to spread that message and design and deliver innovative sustainable services that can help save lives. I don’t think I do anything that we shouldn’t all be doing as a society but I am very honoured to have been recognised because it gives the vital work that we do the platform for people to talk about what we do.”

After Caroline receives her award at the event she will enter the global competition to be acknowledged as a world leader in her chosen field.

We are all very proud of Caroline and congratulate her on this latest award.

To find out more information about the JCI Ten Outstanding Young People, please click here

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