Harmless Deliver First Community Mental Health Workshops

Harmless recently won a bid to deliver Mental Health Awareness workshops to individuals in the community, frontline workers and managers that live or work in Nottingham City. These workshops are commissioned by Nottingham City Council and Nottingham CCG and are set alongside the five strategic priorities from the Nottingham City Adult Mental Health Strategy

Our first delivery of these workshops was completed on Tuesday when I delivered a Community Workshop to a number of delegates wanting to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in order to respond effectively to individuals with mental health conditions and also, importantly, to work towards reducing stigma and discrimination.

I feel the workshop was a really positive start to the training we will be delivering over the upcoming months. The delegates fully engaged with the delivery and it was an extremely interactive session with lots of discussions, sharing of knowledge and lived or personal experience.

I always feel privileged when delegates share their own experiences as it demonstrates a safe learning environment has been created which is vital when talking about subjects that can be extremely emotive.

As we always find with 2 hour workshops, the delegates always want longer. This delivery was no exception. This really proves to me that delegates became engaged with delivery and were finding it valuable, beneficial and informative. The feedback that was received both verbally and written was extremely positive and showed a clear development in terms of gained understanding for participants. We measure progress in terms of knowledge before delivery and knowledge once the workshop has finished in order to ensure the content, workshop and delivery has been effective and advantageous for the each individual. It is also used to assess we are meeting the commissioners requirements and I feel pleased that there was an evident increase in knowledge once the workshop had completed.

We have many more upcoming dates for workshops. For more details email Sophie@harmless.org.uk

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