Harmless’ progress in the field of self harm

It has been a really busy time for us at Harmless for the past few months. Everyone within the team is working so hard to ensure the future of the organisation; each week we are seeing a rise in the number of requests that we are seeing for support for self harm.
When Harmless began it was a small organisation, established to support the needs of people that self harm on a local level, but the ambition or the service was to become a leader in the area, not just locally, but Nationally. Now, with a growing team and an even greater growing reputation Harmless continues to remain dedicated to the needs of people that self harm. The demand for our service is both alarming and really sad, but also reassuring that people can turn to us.
In recent months, we would estimate that the referrals of young people for help with self harm, has increased by 60%. This also fits with the local picture and presentation to other local services for young people.
We have also seen a far greater number of requests for training around the issue of self harm and suicide prevention. The need for training is great. It is a positive move that services are taking this issue seriously; that they are asking for help to enable them to support people that self harm more effectively. We hope that in our work, every day, we are helping to improve the lives of people that self harm but we are also looking to grow and change and to improve what we have on offer.
We constantly need your support – whether it be to spread the word, or to help with fundraising in your local area, or to distribute our leaflets, or share the link to our blog and website. Every person that reads this has an opportunity to help us reach more people, and every person reached is one more that can help someone.
Thank you to all our supporters!

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