Harmless Self Harm Resources – Give Us Your Thoughts….

Many of you will be aware that Harmless currently sells a range of resources, including our workbook and DVD, that can be used by those that self harm to promote recovery and self reflection or by professionals and carers to enhance understanding, empathy and strategies that are helpful when supporting people who self harm.

In the upcoming months, Harmless are looking to introduce new self harm resources that people can buy and we would love to hear your thoughts about what you would like to see become available. Maybe a new DVD? Or a new workbook? Please let us know what you think should be included. Or perhaps another useful tool which you think would be helpful?

Please feel free to email info@harmless.org.uk and forward suggestions or leave us a message on our Facebook or Twitter pages. We look forward to hearing from you.

All our resources are available to buy via our online shop www.harmless.org.uk/store

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