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You may have seen recently our blog about the importance of training, which provided key comments from Professor Keith Hawton, taken from his recent attendance at the conference: Responding effectively to self harm and suicidality.

In light of this informative blog, we felt it important to explore this further in terms of the reach Harmless training has had and the benefits this will have on those in distress.

Since 2013, Harmless has delivered training to around 3,100 delegates. This averages out to nearly 100 people each month that receive vital training from us.

So, let’s think about the reach our training has had.

  • We recently completed a survey for the Wellness in Mind Training programme, in line with the Adult Mental Health Strategy, that we have been commissioned to deliver by Nottingham City Council and CCG.
  • Mental health training was delivered to those that live or work in Nottingham City. So those that had reach in the city.
  • During the contract period, we delivered training to 374 delegates
  • Out of this, 327 of these were professionals, with the remainder being carers or accessing the Community Workshop.

Within this survey, we wanted to be able to assess the reach, as this is the significant point to any of our training.

We identified that 327 professionals averaged 40 people per week with whom they have professional contact, which includes managerial responsibilities to employees.

From these delegates, we then questioned the number of delegates that had utilised the skills or knowledge they had gained from our training and applied it to individuals they support or work with and from this we identified the average reach of 50%, which averages at around 20 individuals per week.

This provided us with a weekly total reach of 6540 in Nottingham City alone.

We have completed the same process for our bespoke general self harm, suicide awareness and prevention and mental health training, and found we received similar responses in terms of reach.

So based on the fact we have delivered training to around 3,100 delegates in the last 2 and a half years alone, and with the information provided, we have calculated the approximate reach of our training to be around 62,000 individuals in distress, nationwide. This is a phenomenal amount of people our training has reached, and we know this will only increase the more training we deliver

The benefits to this, means that we have been able to equip frontline workers, managers, carers, volunteers etc. to support these individuals. By raising awareness, providing strategies and brief interventions to these groups, we know we would have made a difference to those in distress.

Harmless offer a tiered approach to training to ensure we meet organisational and delegates needs, ranging from introductory through to specialist level of training.

Our training will encourage you to explore awareness and develop an understanding of the key issues faced by people in distress. We will also explore the impact that we, as service providers, can potentially have upon the health, wellbeing and recovery of those in distress.

At the heart of our service is a real sense of hope. People can and do recover from the most distressing of feelings. This key message is reiterated throughout our training and also through our trainers lived experience of their own personal journeys. This key point really brings home to delegates, that with a little bit of hope, the right support, and training, we can really make a difference and reach out to those that need us the most.

If you would like any further information on any of our training or would like a personalised quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Email: training@harmless.org.uk

Phone: 0115 934 8445

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