Harmless tree of hope

Here at Harmless we have a very special Christmas tree ‘Harmless tree of Hope’. We would love for all our wonderful supporters, new and old, to send in your hopes for 2019.

Each hope will be carefully made onto a special paper decoration by our lovely Harmless Christmas elves, and then added to our tree of hope.

If you would like to add a hope to our tree you can do so by sending a Facebook message, calling, emailing or simply filling in a form in our Harmless HQ (in the entrance!) info@harmless.org.uk, 01158800280.

Each hope will be completely anonymous and will be placed on our extra special Christmas tree.

Please send us your hopes by Wednesday 5th December 2018.

*Hopes will be checked for appropriateness according to our guidelines.

We can’t wait to see them all

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