#HarmtoHope conference a huge success!

Today we held of national conference from #HarmtoHope.

In spite of the weather, the majority of our contributors and delegates made it through the snow to support our work.

We were joined by colleagues from across the U.K. and heard from colleagues with inspiring, insightful and motivating work.

‘Change can happen if we believe it can’ and we are facing a new wave of interest and commitment to the field of self harm and suicide prevention that we haven’t seen before.

What came across today was that every death by suicide is a person, a life, a family devastated, a friend lost… and as we talk about prevalence rates and we talk about rates we must always remember that any life improved or saved is worth the effort and all the compassion that we have to share.

Thank you for your support. Thank you to all contributors and delegates and service users that privilege us with their voice and thank you to the team at Harmless who are the phenomenal humans that make this happen.

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