How social media affects mental health in young people by Lucy Nichol via the Metro

Jeremy Hunt has recently warned companies like Facebook and Google that they face new laws relating to social media and young people, because social media exposes children to ‘harm’.

But is it really as simple as that? If there’s one person who knows about young people’s mental health its campaigner and TES columnist Natasha Devon MBE. Ms Devon spends much of her time visiting schools and talking to young people about her experience. In her new book, A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental, An A-Z From Anxiety To Zero F**ks Given, there are whole chapters on the topic. She says: ‘I don’t think any reasonable person would contest that social media and smart phones are having a dramatic impact on how we think and behave. ‘I also believe the government could play a role in regulation by, for example, providing public health guidelines around screen time and social media exposure for both children and adults.


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