How to help someone who is struggling this Christmas

Christmas isn’t always an easy time and at Harmless we recognize this and want to make sure everyone feels confident in how to support someone who may be struggling, particularly over the festive period.


Let the person know you are there for them and you care about them. It could be a small text, an email, you could even pop round for a tea or send them a card. Just reach out to them. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference.


Everyone will need different support, so talk to who is struggling and ask them what they might find useful to have your help with, and identify things they can try to do themselves. Empower them.


Let friend’s know it’s okay to talk…you’re there for them to listen, without judgment.


Being open around mental health challenges stigma in a positive light and may be all a friend needs to be comfortable in asking for our help.


These are five steps that research shows can help people with mental health problems:

■            Assess risk of suicide or self-harm

■            Listen non-judgmentally

■            Give reassurance and information

■            Encourage the person to get appropriate professional help

■            Encourage self-help strategies.


Let’s all come together this Christmas so no one suffers in silence. Reach out to someone, it could save a life.


If you need immediate support please call Samaritans 116123, Hope Line phone 08000684141 text 07786209697, Sane line 03003047000, Wellness in Mind 08005610073

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