In the News: Mental health is the largest single course of ill health in UK.

Statistics suggest that one in four people in the UK will suffer with a mental health problem, which is the largest single course of ill health. Yet around three quarters of these people will receive no treatment at all. Ten per cent of children and young adults have a mental health problem and yet seventy per cent will receive no treatment.

GP’s are seeing more patients coming in with anxiety and low mood symptoms. Yet they are experiences difficulty accessing ongoing mental health support for their patients, suggesting that it may take a crisis for a person to be seen acutely by the mental health team.

One GP explains how they have been allocated a CPN who is able to see patients on the milder ends of the anxiety and depression spectrum, but has some concerns because this is a 12 month pilot.

They would like to see a CPN and social worker at every practice, which would allow them to link in with Mental health teams easier.

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