In the News: Schools are not training us to tackle mental health problems, teachers say…

Only a third of teachers say that they have been appropriately trained by their school to deal with pupils’ mental health problems, according to Government-funded research.

And just half know how to help pupils with these problems to access appropriate support. Classroom teachers were less likely than senior leaders to know how best to support pupils, according to questions commissioned by the Department for Education in the annual Teacher Voice survey.

More than 2,000 teachers took part in the poll, published by the National Foundation for Educational Research. Of these, only 32 per cent agreed that there was appropriate training for teachers in schools to enable them to identify mental health issues in pupils.

However, 62 per cent said that they felt equipped to identify pupil behaviour that may be linked to mental health problems.

This suggests, the report states, “that knowledge on how to identify potential mental health issues may be derived from means other than formal, in-school training”.


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