Introducing one of our new Suicide Bereavement Support Officers, Thomas.

I joined the Tomorrow Project after volunteering in bereavement support for 3 years and I have heard some harrowing, traumatic and deeply tragic experiences of loss and Bereavement.  However, through those stories I have found that there is still hope and light for people and I have been committed to helping bereaved people through their dark times.

I hope to be able to continue supporting more people through their Bereavement with the Tomorrow Project and I am excited by the prospect of launching the Tomorrow Project in Derbyshire, with my new colleague Lisa. It is going to be a bit of a blank page and I’m sure their will be challenges along the way. Despite these probable challenges, it is such a worthwhile and important project that I will be fully committed to making the Derbyshire Tomorrow Project a success.  There are still a lot of barriers to break down in society when it comes to suicide and it is especially important to reverse the misconceptions that still surround it. Hopefully, this will allow us all to support people who are bereaved by suicide in the future.

Despite my eagerness to join the Tomorrow project, whenever there is change in my life it is greeted with a certain amount of uncertainty, which causes some anxiety and nerves. Although it is exciting to start a new challenge, I will have to adapt to a different working environment and build relationships with new colleagues. I think I can safely say I was in a comfort zone in my previous job. Working in the same job for 7 years gives you an experience and ultimately confidence as you know the job inside out. My new role will incorporate areas where I am confident, but I will also need to learn new skills, taking me away from my comfort zone.

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