Is mental health being taken seriously?

One in four people experience mental health problems each year. Less than 1% of the total public health budget is being spent on mental health in the East Midlands.

The personal cost of having a mental health problem could be immeasurable, however so much of this is preventable if we target support to groups at risk of having a mental health problem in our local community.

There is supposed to be a shared vision that mental health should be on par with physical health. However the mental health charity Mind obtained information on public mental health spending under the Freedom of Information Act that showed just how much local money has been spent on public mental health. Any spending on public mental health is reported under ‘miscellaneous’. This has prompted a call to give public mental health its own category, which then makes it a clear priority for investment.

Prevention is better than a cure. There can be no health without mental health; and mental health is everyone’s business.

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