JAY-Z Stresses Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Following the death of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, JAY-Z has urged fans to tackle mental health issues head-on.

The 99 Problems hit maker got to know Chester and his Linkin Park bandmates during the recording of their 2004 mash-ups album Collision Course, and he was saddened to hear of the singer’s suicide last month, just weeks after the tragic loss of his close pal Chris Cornell.

JAY-Z, who recently paid tribute to the rocker at his V Festival show in the U.K., touched on the topic during the second part of his Rap Radar podcast interview, which was released on his Tidal streaming service on Friday (Aug 25).

“Not only do we have to watch our physical health and what we’re doing with our bodies, but also mental health,” he said. “A lot of people go through trauma and you’re too embarrassed to get help for it…

“A lot of times, we tend to be like, ‘They were selfish. It’s like, no they weren’t; they’re sick, they’re in pain. I can’t even imagine that kind of pain, especially unchecked. We’re not dealing with that because it’s not the cool thing to do.”

He continued: “I think that we can use it and hopefully, as a society, we use that to go forward. People can start getting help for what they’re going through, talk to somebody…”

“These losses could be lessons. Someone somewhere could be looking at Chester and be like, ‘Man, I wasn’t feeling so good and I need to get some help or I need to talk to somebody about it.'”

If you would like support or information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@harmless.org.uk.

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