Let’s talk about suicide 

Today I spoke at the public health masterclass in suicide prevention about our beloved Tomorrow Project, that today is four years old. 
Four years since the project was born out of tragedy and loss, and four years since we started changing the face of suicide prevention services locally and driving change nationally. 
Today was an anxiety provoking day for me. I always feel that there are so many things I need to say to do justice to the many people that we see and help and speak to. I feel a responsibility to the grieving families, to have their losses heard and engage with people in a way that they too, want to change things for the better. 
I’m often left uncertain whether that’s been achieved and my anxiety about this is merely a manifestation of how vital it is to reach people and change things and for their stories to be heard.
Today I spoke of the number of people that die by suicide and the number of people that attempt suicide and the number of people that think about suicide. In reality, many, many of us attempt suicide and many more of us think about suicide. Isn’t it time we start talking about that? 
I often see in my work, how comforting it is to know that we’re not alone; that others think and feel the way that we do and also that some have faced those things and come through those times. Sharing stories reduces isolation, that could be enough to save someone’s life. 
Today I spoke about that. 
So let’s keep talking. I will keep talking on whatever platform wherever it is given to me, please can you do me a favour and also keep talking- to each other. Share how you’re feeling and invite others to do the same. 
Together we can reduce suicide. 

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