Let’s Talk Training – What have we been up to lately?

September came and went as quick as a flash and autumn is well and truly underway. So, with their coats and woolly scarves the training team have been out and about across the country delivering courses and supporting some amazing conferences.

I’d like to take the time to speak about all the lovely people I met recently, unfortunately I do not think I will have enough ‘paper’ to give them all the recognition they deserve. Instead I have decided to share with you the many conferences I have been involved in during September to October, so far.

My first stop was London for the conference Can Anyone Hear Me. This is a Red Rocket Event and is an initiative born from the desire to raise awareness of young adults in crisis; to give them a voice. The ingenuity was initially inspired by the tenacious Jenny Rayner, family and friends who were faced with the impact of mental illness and the challenges associated with this when Jenny lost her daughter, Lucy, to suicide in 2012. So down I travelled to the busy world of London, on a sunny Thursday morning, and was welcomed in to provide an interactive session on Mental health & Self-care.

Second conference was the East Midlands Ofsted Safeguarding Conference, held in Leicester. Here I mingled with many Designated Safeguarding Leads and Educational Staff resolute in the protection of children and young people. It was heartening to be a part of this raising awareness of Self harm and Suicide prevention, as well as knowledge of our services. What really stood out for me was the steadfast atmosphere of working on safety.

The next conference took place in Norwich as a part of the Norfolk Suicide Prevention Learning Event. This was a large event and involved academics, professionals and service users all coming together to learn more about suicide and develop practical skills to be able to support those in distress and the wider impact. It was also with great sadness we learnt of Oz Osborne’s passing; Oz was a director of the organisation The Outsiders, he was an innovator and a thinker. He had a background in mental health and wellbeing consultancy, and a proven track-record of creating innovative approaches to social issues. However, it was clear his motivation will live on in all of us helping to continue his wonderful work of breaking stigma, raising awareness and supporting those in distress.

Last and by no means least, the last conference I have attended is for Impero our wonderful and pioneering partners. This is their first conference and very exciting to be a part of too. Impero’s dedication towards educational establishments promotes hope and positive change. To me it demonstrated the importance of supporting our children and young people in an ever-changing world by being adaptable and flexible.

It has been a motivational start to autumn and a privilege to be apart of such positive work. I can’t wait to attend the future conferences we are supporting over the next few months. Makes winter much easier to look forward to.



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